Requirements from the authorities

It is allowed to brew beer for personal consumption and distribution to friends and family without being subject to special requirements from the authorities. If you want to sell beer to the public, the authorities set a number of requirements.

  1. You have to pay tax on alcohol. It is a modest amount, but remember to register with skat.
  2. Your production equipment and premises must meet a number of hygiene requirements set by Fødevarestyrelsen (Danish Veterinary and Food Administration). The requirements can be difficult to specify because they are handled differently by the local food authority. But it is certain that all materials in contact with the beer must be approved for food production (sanitary grade) – and you must document it.
    All our equipment is approved, and you can freely download documentation here on the website. In addition, there is usually a requirement that the floor, walls and ceilings must be washable and without cracks or peeling. There are also requirements for workwear.
    Always start a brewery project by contacting the local branch of Fødevarestyrelsen (Danish Veterinary and Food Administration), to get registered and get guidance.

  3. Fermentertanks at more than 500 litres must be certified and the installation of the tanks at your brewery must be checked by an independent auditor. Read about the approval of CCTs and BBT here.
  4. Packaging and labels must meet a number of recycling requirements administered by Dansk Retursystem. Be aware that the cost of handling glass bottles is very high, around two crowns each. Aluminum cans cost only a few cents to put into circulation. We are happy to supply dedicated bottling lines for both bottles and cans from Italian, American or Eastern European manufacturers.

    Unfortunately, it is difficult to get manual and semi-automatic bottling equipment for cans at the cheap end – we are well supplied with smaller bottling systems for glass bottles. We are working to find suppliers of small bottling equipment. In our opinion, cans are the future.
    Remember to have your packaging registered with Dansk Retursystem.