Flow Control Switcher CraftPad Light 6+1

3.100,00 DKK excl. vat

Swift between different beer-sources.

You can connect up to 6 different beer types with CrafTap3.

CrafPad can be installed on either bar deck or wall, making operations more convenient for the user.

It is light, easy to install and has extra space to mark beer brands.

CrafPad Light is also available in a 4-lines version.

2 in stock (can be backordered)


The Pegas CraftPad Light 6+1 is a manifold for use with the Pegas CrafTap 3.0.

6 valves are dedicated to beverage/beer lines, and 1 valve is dedicated to gas.

  • Connects 6 lines of beer to each CrafTap filler.
  • Cleans manifold lines between pours to eliminate mixing of beers.
  • For use with the Pegas CrafTap 3.0 counter pressure growler filler.
  • Stainless Steel beverage valves, mounting plate, & insulated on bottom of plate

Installationmanual (pdf)


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