Dispensing device Pegas CrafTap Smart

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Single dispenser for custom bottle with 30-45 day shelf life. Minimal waste – creates less than 2% waste., Keeps the taste, foam-free and long-lasting.

The Pegas CrafTap Smart is an advanced automated counter pressure filling system which pressurizes the fill with Co2, purging oxygen out of glass and metal growlers.

Compared to regular tap, which wastes 25% to 35%, the CrafTap Smart is uniquely designed to ensure a high quality fill, maintaining integrity from keg to consumption.

The advanced automation speeds up the whole fill process.

Safety through the entire usage. Designed for operational convenience, higher reliability, and lower maintenance.

Innovative device for beer dispensing in glass and metal bottles right by the customer. Perfect for microbreweries, taprooms, bars, pub and restaurants.

Read more about Craftap Smart (download pdf)

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  • Fast foam free dispensing.
  • 3 preset for bottle volume.
  • Easy button regulation.
  • Adjusting of dispensing speed and gas supply.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • New opportunities for branding.
  • Selecting of units of measure used in your country.
  • Speed calibration depending on beverage density.
  • Protective transparent cover –  safe in use.

The main approach is the counter pressure
Before dispensing, the bottle is filled with the Co2 that allows:

  • To bring down to a minimum Co2 losses in beer
  • To keep factory taste of the beverage
  • To reduce waste by a minimum 98%

Operation is carried out via buttons located on the electronic panel.
You do not have to lose your time and control dispensing.
More free time – higher speed of customer service.
Easy to configure via accessible online manual.

You can sell sell beverages not only in glass bottles but also in metal and ceramic growlers by pre-programming filling volume.





Removable panel allows you to place the logo of your bar or of the beer sort on the rear cover. It would draw attention to your brand and add element of elegancy to you interior.


  • Filling capacity depends on temperature, beer quality, and operator experience: 45-120 L/h.
  • CO₂ pressure when supplied from a keg: 0.6-3.0 bar.
  • Beverage pressure: 0.6-3.0 bar.
  • Power Output: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz.
  • Power Supply Wire Length: EU 1.2 m.
  • Device Nett Weight: 12 kg.
  • Device Gross Weight: 13 kg.


  • Height: 150 – 350 mm.
  • outside diameter (including the size of the bottle handle) – up to 170 mm.
  • Outside diameter of the bottle neck 26 – 57 mm.
  • inside diameter of the bottle neck – 17 mm.
  • The bottle must be clean, without smell, glass chips, cracks, sharp edges, glass bubbles and other defects and it must withstand the pressure 4 bar.
  • Please check it with your bottle manufacturer or supplier.


  • 4 pcs of food grade LDPE hoses with 9.5 mm (3/8″) outside diameter for connection of beer, CO2 and drainage lines.
  • Alternative: 4 pcs of food grade PVC hoses with 7 mm (1/4″) inner diameter, hose clips.

User manual (pdf)

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