Pegas dispensing drive

700,00 DKK excl. vat

Advanced pressurized filling technology for plastic bottles and plastic growlers (with adapter). 

The Pegas Driveis an advanced counter pressure filling system for breweries, taprooms, bottle Shops, specialty retailers, grocery stores, convenience stores, and sports & entertainment events.

Presentation of Pegas drive (pdf)

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Drive Filler Features:

  • New ergonomic design.
  • Quick installaon in 5 mins.
  • Stop valve for quick gas line service.
  • No tools needed for service.
  • Fast-releasing universal bole holder.
  • Ready to expand with a traditional tap.

Counter Pressure Filling:

  • Eliminates oxygen.
  • 30-45 day shelf life*.
  • No foam / No mess.
  • Less than 2% waste.
  • Fits several bottle sizes.
  • Easy operation.

* For 30-45 day beer shelf life and better customer satisfaction, we recommend:

  • To use air barrier bottles.
  • To do general cleaning and sanitizing of the equipment, beer lines, accessories.
  • To use air tight caps.
  • To use a clean bottle.
  • To keep the workplace clean.
  • Pure CO2.

Technical data – filler requirements

  • Filling capacity depends on temperature, beer quality, and operator experience: 45-120 L/h.
  • CO2 Pressure to keg: 1,5-2,5 bar.
  • 3 pcs of a hose for connection of beer, CO2 and drainage lines. External diameter: 12 mm, Internal diameter: 7 mm. clamps.
  • Outside supply hose dia. 12 mm.
  • Inside supply hose dia. 7 mm.

Bottle requirements – plastic bottles

  • Compatible with bottle neck
    PCO 1810 = 21mm.
    PCO 1881 = 17mm.
    BPF = 23mm.
  • It must withstand the pressure 3 bar.

Bottle requirements – plastic growlers

  • 1,89 liter (64oz) popular size in the U.S. An adapter ID 141901 is required.
  • For different shapes and sizes of growlers, a customized adaptor is required.



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