CrafTap 3.0 dispensing device (Pegas)

16.500,00 DKK excl. vat

СrafTap3 creates a whole new market. As it makes possible to dispense fresh draught beer right from kegs into glass bottles or growlers and sell it for takeaway. 

Single dispenser for custom bottle with 30-45 day shelf life. Minimal waste – creates less than 2% waste., Keeps the taste, no foam, loss of beer and time mess.

The Pegas CrafTap 3.0 is an advanced pressurized filling device. Designed with the technology to fill both glass and plastic growlers.

Safety through the entire usage. Designed for operational convenience, higher reliability, and lower maintenance.

Innovative device for beer dispensing in glass and metal bottles right by the customer. Perfect for microbreweries, taprooms, bars, pub and restaurants.

Presentation (pdf)

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  • CrafTap3 from Pegas lets you fill in the 2 liter glassgrowler with beer in 40 sec
  • It preserves beer freshness, original flavor and carbonization.
  • CrafTap3 provides safe and hygienic bottling with Save Beer technology.
  • CrafTap3 dramatically reduces beer waste due to counter pressure technology.
  • Easy and affordable solution to expand your business with beer-2-go sales
  • Save Beer technology – fast foam free dispensing
  • 3 preset for bottle volume
  • Easy button regulation
  • Adjusting of dispensing speed and gas supply
  • Ergonomic design
  • New opportunities for branding
  • Selecting of units of measure used in your country
  • Speed calibration depending on beverage density
  • Protective transparent cover that makes its use absolutely safe.


Save beer technology

CrafTap3 is built with Save Beer technology. Before bottling every bottle is filled with CO2 (or other protective gas), which helps:

  • maintain proper beer carbonization,
  • prevent loss of beer quality due tolong contact with atmosphere,
  • minimize beer drainage due to excessive foaming

Before dispensing the bottle is filled with the Co2 that allows:

  • To bring down to a minimum Co2 losses in beer.
  • To keep factory taste of the beverage.
  • To reduce waste by a minimum 98%.

CrafTap3 is compatible with a wide range of glass bottles and growlers due to silicon neck-sealer and adjustable bottle plate. Bottle stand has a fine tuning to fit wide range of glass bottles with different height and neck diameter.


Attractive design.
CrafTap3 will draw your customers attention with vivid design and bright LED backlight

Easy mounting and operations. It will take just a few minutes to set up your CrafTap3. We provide detailed manuals and device positioning template.

It only requires as minimum space as square of 350 х 350 mm. CrafTap3 is designed to work with standard beer lines that include beer keg, gas and gas reductor, coupler, cooler/chilling room and beer taps.


Protective Housing
Transparent plastic body and door carry on 3 functions:

  • Protect operator from potential bottle breakage.
  • Let operator visually control beer flow.
  • Bring out beautiness of beer growler and craft beer with ED lights behind.

The door lock is designed to withstand potential glass bottle breakage due to excessive pressure, though it remains easy and convenient in everyday operations.


Connection to different beers with CrafPad
You can connect up to 4 or 4 6 different beer types with CrafTap3 (sold separately).

CrafPad can be installed on either bar deck or wall, making operations more convenient for the user.

It is light, easy to install and has extra space to mark beer brands.

Brief user manual Craftap 3 (pdf)

Maintance manual Craftap 3 (pdf)


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