Bottle filler for wine (4 heads) Semi-automatic

130.860 DKK excl. vat

Isobaric filler with 4 nozzles, for filling carbonated drinks into bottles of different sizes.

200 bottles/hour, 0.75 lt bottles in optimal conditions.
Fully automatic machine operation.
The nozzles are designed to prevent foaming of the product, with a rubber ring to spread the product evenly on the walls of the bottle

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The machine includes :
– a thick-walled product tank, tested for use up to 5 bar,
– a level probe in the tank for automatic product entry,
– pneumatic bottle lifting with saddles equipped with a bottle centring system,
– 4 stainless steel filling nozzles with seals that can be disinfected by heat Machine with pneumatic operation.

– Placing the empty bottles on the saddles
– Closing of the protective casing
– Lifting of the saddles and start of the working cycle
– Filling with a first phase of pressure compensation between the tank and the cylinder
– Controlled discharge of the gas into the cylinder
– Lowering of the full cylinders

The ISO filler allows two cylinders to be filled at the same time.
Type of bottle : Glass
Height : 230 – 380mm +/-5
Diameter : 70 – 113mm +/-2
Machine : Dimensions 100x48x175h cm
Weight 150 Kg

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