Chamber pasteurizer – 2 pallets along

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  • Box feed with trolley, side by side.
  • Other stacking variations are available on request.
  • Large interior for improved air circulation.
  • Automatic temperature control via PID control.
  • Maintenance-friendly design, e.g. fan propellers can be replaced from inside.
  • Steam exhaust valve: the steam is blown out of the pasteurizer after the pasteurization process. Almost no steam exits the pasteurizer when the door is opened.
  • Stable substructure in stainless steel.
  • Pasteurization data is recorded on a USB-stick.
  • Lifting and wing doors are possible.
  • Can be installed indoors or outdoors. 
  • The bottles to be pasteurized are in boxes and placed on a trolley (a version for 1/1 pallet is an option).


  • The pasteur is filled.
  • The operator places the temperature sensor in or by the bottle.
  • The operator closes the door so that the door contact is activated and presses the start button.
  • The circulation air fan starts.
  • Steam valve opens to heat the chamber, a lamp indicates that it has started.
  • Temperature is set on control screen.
  • The temperature of the control bottle can be set on the display which is mounted in the front of the board.
  • At the end of the cycle, the process stops automatically.


  • Full automatic cycle.
  • Does not need to be monitored during the proces.
  • Can be placed anywhere indoor or outdoor.
  • Possibility to pasteurize with labels on the bottles if they are approved.
  • The process is not dependent on other machines in production.
  • Reduce energy costs through improved insulation of 50 mm.
  • Durable construction, that pays off.
  • Efficiency especially for large quantities of goods to be pasteurized.

Made for Bryggeriudstyr ApS in Denmark.

Some of the pictures are showing the model with small trolleys – the chamber pasteur can be customized to standard 1 or 2 EU 1/1  pallets at 80*120 cm as well.

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Technical Details:

  • Performance 2 EURO pallets (other sizes possible on request)
  • Dimensions L x D x H 2650 x 1650 x 2700 mm
  • Dimensions (with door open) 4650 x 1650 x 2700 mm
  • Weight approx. 1500 kg
  • Power consumption 2 kW
  • Connection 400 V / 50 Hz + N + PE
  • Compressed air supply 8 mm
  • Operating pressure for compressed air: 4,5 to 6 bar consumption 7 Nl/H
  • Operating time Aprox. 1 H
  • Required steam pressure 0,5 – 1 bar (with steam valve open)
  • Steam consumption approx. 250 kg
  • Steam connection DN25
  • Controls Siemens S7 with TP 700 touch panel
  • Design can be customized on request.

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Weight 1 kg