Korkfix SU

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This corker can close 0,33 and 0,5 liter glass bottles with crown corks at a diameter of 26mm or 29 mm (option).

The bottle caps are filled into the upper container. With each corking operation, a crown cap is released and slips under the cork stamp.

Shortly before capping, the beverage is frothed up by an ultrasonic pulse, and the air in the bottle neck is pressed out. The head then uses a cylinder to press the crown cap onto the bottle mouth, thus sealing it.

For security reasons, the corker has two-hand operation by means of two push buttons, which are attached to the right and left of the housing.

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4 different models:

Option: Extra template for 29 mm crown cork (SKU 60490)

Options: Can be connected with conveyer and round table for automatic function.

Product data

  • Dimensions H/W/d: 780/260/290mm
  • Weight: 24kg
  • Co2 operating pressure: 1.5 to 3bar
  • Operating pressure: max. 8bar
  • Electrical data: 240v 3,2a

Scope of delivery

  • One bottle holder as desired
  • Power supply unit 12v 2a

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 29 × 26 × 78 cm

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