Bottle filler, semiautomatic single counterpressure (Fillmatic E)

45.500 DKK excl. vat

Non-CO2 filler for beverages without CO2.

 It can be used to fill glass bottles (0.25l to 0.75l) and siphons; PET bottles are also available on request.

Approximately 350 0.5l bottles can be filled per hour.

Available on backorder. Ask for delivery time


With this filler non-CO2 containing beverages can be filled.

By using heat-resistant parts, the temperature of the liquids to be filled can be up to 100°C; subsequent pasteurisation is therefore unnecessary.

In order to be able to control the filling process better, the bottles are illuminated with an LED lamp.

The filling process is automatically stopped by the control system when the target value is reached.

All process-relevant parameters can be set via the control system, which guarantees reliable reproducibility of all parameters during the entire filling process.

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Weight 1 kg

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