Canner and bottle filler, automatic counterpressure

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Automatic counterpressure filling line for bottles and cans (Fillmaster AP)

The Fillmaster AP is an automatic counterpressure filler for beverages containing CO2. It fills cans at Ø67mm as well. Fills up to 240 bottles pr. hour (BPH).

The filler is movable on wheels and has a very small footprint at 2 * 3 meters.

It has four stations: Three filling heads and a corker with automatic crown cork feed. A modular system makes it easy to expand or dismantle.

Up to 60 bottles (depending on the type) can be placed manually on a rotary table that can be integrated. From there, they are fed onto a conveyor belt, picked up individually by a rotary star and positioned under the three filling heads.

Three bottles are filled at the same time, after which they are individually sealed with crown corks of diameter 26mm or 29mm. An integrated shower rinses the outside of the bottles, which are then transferred to a second
rotary table from where they have to be removed manually.

The bottles are filled under CO2 back pressure of up to 3bar. A built-in vacuum pump enables automatic pre-evacuation of the bottles if desired. If swing-top bottles are to be filled, the corker can be temporarily deactivated.

All process-relevant parameters can be set via the control system, guaranteeing reliable reproducibility of all parameters during the entire filling process.

A changeover to different bottle types can be realised very easily in just a few minutes.

The Fillmaster AP is equipped with high-quality steering rollers so that it can be moved. The parts are  temperature resistant up to 95°C. It can be used to fill bottles (0.1 to 1l) or cans (ø67mm).

The filling speed can be adjusted continuously from 0.5 to 2l/min by means of a throttle.
Between 450 and 500 bottles of 0.33l each can be filled and sealed per hour.

German origin.

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  • Dimensions (max H/W/D): 1.900 x 3.100 x 900mm
  • Weight: approx. 460kg
  • Filling speed: 0,5 to 2 liter/min (adjustable)
  • Co2 operating pressure: max. 3bar
  • Operating pressure: 6 to 8bar
  • Electrical Data: 240v 16a
  • Change to different bottle types in a few minutes.
  • Fill bottles from 0,1 to 1 liter
  • Fills also cans with Ø67mm

Available accessories

  • Module Can Seamer
  • Module labeller S or N
  • Module rinser
  • Booster pumps e.g. for filling without preceding pressure tank
  • Highpressure injection HDE

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 260 × 70 × 180 cm

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