Bottle filler, automatic counterpressure

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Automatic counterpressure filling line for bottles (Fillmaster AS18).

The Fillmaster AS18 is a small automatic counterpressure filling line for beverages containing CO2. Fills up to 240 bottles pr. hour (BPH).

It has 6 filling heads and 6 corking heads and holds eight bottles on the conveyor belts (without rotating table).

The filler is movable on wheels and has a very small footprint at 2 * 2,5 meters.

The bottles are placed manually either directly on the first conveyor belt or on an additional, rotary table. An automatic detection system positions six bottles at the correct distance from each other and pneumatic cylinders push each bottle onto a separate continuing conveyor belt. These belts position the bottles under the filling head and the corker.

Six bottles are filled at the same time and another six bottles are sealed with crown corks (Diameter 26mm or 29mm possible). Afterwards the bottles are  transferred to the last conveyor belt which takes care of the removal.

The bottles must be removed either directly from there or manually from an additional rotary table.

The filling of the bottles takes place under CO2 counter pressure of up to 3bar. A built-in  vacuum pump enables an automatic pre-evacuation of the bottles on request. If swing-top bottles are to be filled, the corker can be temporarily be put out of operation.

All process-relevant parameters can be set via the control system, thus guaranteeing reliable reproducibility of all parameters during the entire filling process. A changeover to different bottle types can easily be realized in only approx. 5 minutes.

The Fillmaster AS18 is equipped with high-quality steering rollers, so that it can be moved.
It can be used to fill bottles (0.25 to 1l).

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  • Dimensions H/W/D (incl. Conveyor belts): max. 2070/2530/1904mm
  • Weight: approx. 650kg
  • Filling speed: 0,5 to 2l/min
  • Co2 operating pressure: max. 3bar
  • Operating pressure: 6 to 8bar
  • Electrical Data: 240v 10a
  • Change to different bottle types in approximately 5 minutes.
  • Fill bottles from 0,25 to 1 liter

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 260 × 70 × 180 cm

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