Bottle filler, manual counterpressure single head (Fillboy)

12.330 DKK excl. vat

This counter-pressure filler is totally manual. You can tap beer and other CO2-containing beverages under pressure in 1.0 liters, 0.5 liters and 0.33 liters bottles.  The bottler can fill bottles from 170 to 360 mm in height, as well as 5 liters of kegs and bottles.

Up to 100 bottles (0,5 liter) per hour can be filled if you are quick.

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Filling is done using a filling head, which is placed on the bottle with a handle. The filling takes place under CO2 pressure of up to 3 bar. The filling speed can be adjusted. The beer line is manually opened via a ball valve.

Once the desired filling volume has been reached, the ball valve is closed manually again. To better control the filling and rinsing process, the bottles are illuminated by an LED lamp. Ideally, the beer should have a temperature of 1-5 ° C when bottling.

The bottling plant uses CO2 pressure via a pneumatic cylinder, so neither electricity nor compressed air is necessary.