Inlet/outlet table 100cm

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The rotary table is used to feed empty bottles to the filler or to pick up bottles after filling and/or corking. It can be combined with the Fillmaster AS18 or be used for Fillmatic filling lines.

If the rotary table is used for feeding, it is given a structure with various guide rails through which the bottles are lined up one after the other; these guides are not necessary when it is used as a pickup.

A frequency converter allows the speed of the rotary table to be steplessly adjusted. The rotary table is also available in ø600mm version.

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  • Rotating inlet/outlet table
  • Ø1.000mm. To be customized to fit Korkfix capper (model S and SU), conveyer and fillling line.
  • This version can hold up to 120 bottles of 0.5l each.
  • Ø600mm is available as well.
  • German Origin

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 70 × 100 × 162 cm

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