Fermenter CCT 500L

37.260 DKK excl. vat

Upright Cylinder-Conical combined fermenter- and storage tank with double jacket (insulated). The tank has a conical base, is prepared for connection to cooling. Made of A304 steel certified for food.

CCT’s are available in all sizes between 50liter and 300HL.

Standard configuration for 5HL CCT is height 2.200mm, diameter Ø1.060mm, manhole at top and racking arm.

The design can be adjusted according to customers demand without extra cost.

Options without extra cost:

  • Manhole at top (instead manhole at side)
  • Drain riser at bottom (instead racking arm)
  • Liquid level indicator (transparent hose at side)

All CCT’s are fully equipped with security valve, bunging valve, safety valve, piping and valves for cooling etc.

3 pieces expected in stock by the end of august 2022. Standard configuration, manhole at top and racking arm.

3 in stock


  • Material: SUS 304 Stainless steel.
  • Volume: 500L effective, 625L total volume.
  • 25% vacant space in the top not counting the curved top.
  • Curved top, 60-degree conical bottom.
  • Double layer with cooling jacket.
  • Working pressure: 2 bar. Tested up to 3 bar.
  • Thickness of steel, inner tank: 3 mm.
  • Thickness of steel, outer tank: 2 mm.
  • Insulation of polyurethane, thickness: 100mm, sides and bottom are insulated.
  • The cooling cap jacket welded in points to the inner-tank.
  • 2 cooling zones controlled separately: cylinder and a conical base.
  • External surface: polished.
  • Every internal welding surface is polished and cleaned with acid. The surface is polished.
  • Roughness: 0.4 um
  • 4 stainless steel legs with adjustable feet. Option: Wheel.
  • In the top: CIP arm, rotating sprayball, combined overpressure- and low pressure valve (PVRV), entrance for dry hopping.
  • Option: Butterfly valve on the entrance for dry hop.
  • On the side: Glycol Inlet and outlet, thermo sensor and sampling port.
  • Man hole in the top.
  • At the bottom: drain valve, beer outlet, turnable racking arm, carbon stone unit and thermo sensor.
  • Option: carbonation device (CO2-stone).
  • CIP Pressure gauge.
  • Mechanical pressure valve mounted on CIP arm.
  • Prepared for half batches.
  • Input and output for glycol cooling.
  • Ball valve and solenoid valve to control glycol.
  • Piping is assembled before shipment.
  • Certified for sanitary use.
  • Pressure tested and certified according to PED regulations (EU).

Drawing of 500L CCT (pdf)

Additional information

Weight 235 kg
Dimensions 106 × 106 × 220 cm

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