Glycoltank with pump

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Buffer tank with glycol for cooling. From 500 to 5.000 liter.

Estimate the size of the glycol tank to about one tenth of the accumulated fermenting capacity. Between half or the same size as the brewery unit depending on the need for crash cooling, cooling of heat plate exchanger and the need for cooling more than one fermenter-tank simultaneously.

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  • Design pressure: Atmospheric
  • Material: AISI 304 S/S
  • Inner tank thickness: 3mm, outer thickness: 2mm
  • Aluminum silicate insulation on side, bottom and top
  • Cone head, Cone bottom
  • PT100 temp sensor
  • Interior weld finish, welding joint acid washed, strain removed and brightened
  • Exterior welding finish: polished and brightened, acid washed
  • Welding joint polished
  • Top fittings: normal pressure manway, 38mm water inlet, Lifting ear, venting pipe
  • Side fittings: Temp sensor PT100, liquid level (optional)
  • Bottom fittings: 38mm outlet, ball valve
  • Possible over flow pipe can be configured
  • Water being cooled by glycol liquid

Glycol water pump

  • Material: S/S 304
  • Sanitary grade
  • Flow rate and lift height depending on the size of the tank
  • Trip clamp inlet/outlet connection
  • For glycol cooling