Water heating system (HLT) 5000 liter

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The water system is usually designed at double size of the brewery tanks. This example is configured with a 5000 liter hot water tank to fit a 2500 liter brewery.

Drawing of a 2000 liter HLT (pdf)

Available on backorder. Ask for delivery time

Available on backorder. Ask for delivery time


  • Design pressure: Atmospheric
  • Material: Interior AISI 304
  • Sanitary grade
  • Inner tank thickness: 3.5mm, outer thickness: 2mm
  • Aluminum silicate insulation on side, bottom and top
  • Cone/domed head, Cone bottom
  • Steam heating, with steam coil or jacket
  • Steam coil/jacket pressure: 0.3/0.4Mpa
  • PT100 temp sensor
  • Interior weld finish, welding joint acid washed, strain removed and brightened
  • Exterior welding finish: polished and brightened, acid washed
  • Welding joint polished
  • Top fittings: normal pressure manway, CIP arm and spray ball, 38mm water inlet,Lifting ear, venting pipe.
  • Side fittings: Temp sensor PT100, liquid level (optional)
  • Bottom fittings: 38mm outlet, ball valve.
  • Possible over flow pipe can be configured.

Hot water pump

  •  Material: S/S 304
  • Sanitary grade
  • Flow rate: 5m3/h, lift height: 24m
  • Trip clamp inlet/outlet connection
  • Power: 2.2kw
  • For mashing in and sparging