Steam Generators – gas powered

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Gas fuelled steam generator serie GVR powered by LPG or natural gas.

Our Steam boilers are with automatic pressure and have been planned for the steam needs of little and medium brewery plants, with all the advantages of medium pressure produced steam.

The steam generators can be heated by any type of fuel without changes – only the burner has to be changed. We have 3 models, GVR100, GVR200 and GVR300 with 100, 200 or 300 kg steam pr. hour. Larger capacity is possible.

If space is restricted, we can provide a special compact type with watertank underneath the boiler (Type C)

Thumbs rule is about 100 kg/h pr. 1.000 liter brewhouse unit.


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Steam boiler type GVR is manufactured with standard connections to water, gas, electricity etc. based on the clients demand. All materials in the construction are of high quality and suitable for food production and the rough environment in breweries. The steam boiler has a proper insulated base supported externally with a steel sheet.

  • Nearly plug-and-play: After proper installation to gas, chimney, water and electricity can produce hot steam – maybe just a couple of hours of installation.
  • High speed production (5-8 minutes) with high thermic output.
  • The machine is an automatic package unit.
  • Easy installation and operation – and maximum safety.
  • Small overall dimensions.
  • The boiler can work with any type of fuel without any changes of the boiler. It is only necessary to change the burner.
  • The boiler can work with a burner of any type and brand in order to get local assistance and service quick and cost-efficient.
  • Easy to find spare parts anywhere.

Our boiler are manufactured according to european PED standards.

Water feeding unit is pre-assembled and connected formed by:

  • GVR model S: stainless steel water tank, open type, placed at the boiler side, complete with floating level device, and connections for water inlet, overflow, condensate return and discharge.
  • Complete with n°2 probes for water level.
  • Centrifugal electro pump with impeller at 120°C.
  • Stainless steel non-return valve.
  • Reflection level indicator unit (complete with cocks for level), flanged model.

Steam super heater – heat recover for a very dry steam:

This device raises the steam content up to 240°C in the continuous functioning. It also eliminates the moisture contained in the boiler, and it reduces the consumptions, by recovering the power from the smokes.

Safety and automatic working devices:

  • Automatic level adjuster complete with n.2 st/st probes.
  • First independent safety system (water lacking) equipped with n.1 electronic safety probe switching off the burner and starting an alarm signal.
  • Second independent safety system (water lacking) equipped with n.1 electronic safety probe switching off the burner and starting an alarm signal.
  • Our steam boilers are equipped with series of 1 or 2 pressure gauges adjusting the burner’s working.
  • 1 manual safety pressure gauge, it stops the burner and inserts the alarm signal.
  • 1 spring safety valve.

Valves and accessories:

  • Valve for manometer, complete with manometer and test flange for manometers sample.
  • Total discharge unit.
  • Level discharge unit.
  • Steam valve.
  • Booklet and documentation.
  • Boiler inspection cap.

Electrical control panel:

IP 55 protection, with connections to the services. Complete with push buttons and lights for the control of the boiler’s working. Equipped with built-in check unit controlling and reporting the boiler’s main operations. Before being delivered, the steam boiler is hot-tested and adjusted, in order to obtain the best output.

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