Plate heat exchanger (300-8.000 liter/hour)

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Plate heat exchanger. All sizes can be delivered with one or two stages.

The model with one stage is primarily designed for cooling with tap water.

The model with two stages are cooling with tap water in one zone and glycol from cooling system in the other zone.

Heated tap water can be reused for brewing. Different size depending on demand.

Not in stock. Ask for delivery time

Not in stock. Ask for delivery time


  • High efficiency plate frame heat exchanger
  • Sanitary grade
  • Stage: Single or Double as preferred
  • Tri clamp connection                                           
  • EPDM gasket
  • Pressure: 5 bar
  • With thermometer for checking wort temp
  • With aeration unit for oxygenation.
  • Including: wort inlet/outlet, cold water inlet/outlet temp, flow rate etc
  • The second stage is an option, in case customer use glycol for cooling.
  • Triclamp connection
Model Capacity L/H Max piping connection
2M2 300 32mm
3M2 500 32mm
4M2 600
5M2 830
6M2 1.000 38mm
8M2 1.300 38mm
10M2 1.600 51mm
12M2 2.000 51mm
15M2 2.500 51mm
18M2 3.000 51mm
20M2 4.000 63mm
25M2 5.500 63mm
30M2 7.000 76mm
40M2 8.000