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Steam generator for energy efficient brewing

The steam generator saves space, time and money. The brewing process becomes significantly easier when the brewing vessels are heated without problems – it requires the right steam generator. The steam generator must meet the individual brewmaster’s requirements and circumstances and also function smoothly.

At we do not sell a standard steam generator to all our customers – for all microbreweries have different requirements, terms and means. Instead, we help each brewery choose the generator that best suits the brewer’s size, turnover and budget – just as we advise, import and assist with installation. Thus, the brewery saves both money and hassle.

The steam generator – a necessity in the modern microbrewery

It takes very high temperatures to brew beer. The steam generator ensures the brewmaster the required heat in a short time without costing much effort. The steam generator, as the name suggests, produces hot water vapor. This steam is fed from the generator into the brewing vessel to heat up the vessel effectively during the brewing process. Our steam generators are built for the brewery purpose and are therefore constructed in high quality, strong materials. Naturally certified for food production within the EU, ie CE-certified under the Machinery Directive.

The steam generator is a good solution because it works independently of the brewing process itself. Our steam generators produce thermal energy, without the brewer losing patience with the machinery. High-speed production in just 5-8 minutes ensures that the brewing process can start quickly and be professional and efficient.

Save money ith the correct steam generator

The steam generator is an economical solution – even for smaller breweries. Experience shows that breweries with the steam generator as a heat source rather than built-in heating installations save money on heat production. The brewery does not have to be quite large in size until it becomes an economic advantage to choose a steam generator. The very small installations can advantageously choose electric heated steam generator. It is most economical to heat larger steam generators with gas or oil.

If you want to directly heat a 500 liter brewery with electric cartridges, beer production can be expensive. If you choose a steam generator instead, you do not have to worry about the electricity bill and can instead enjoy a more economical solution.

To ensure the best financial solution, it is also necessary to consider whether you want an electric or gas-powered steam generator. The choice of generator depends on the steam needs of the brewer, as well as energy prices can have an influence on the steam generator’s operating price. With our experience with microbreweries you are guaranteed the most energy efficient steam generator, which is also the cheapest in operation.

Choose the right steam generator

If you have the ambition to establish a microbrewery, we have the technical knowledge to make your dreams come true. For good beer requires the right equipment – and we know that. With the steam generator that best meets your needs, your brewing process is facilitated. That’s why we have the drawing board when we work with you to design the steam generator that best fits your brewery – and we stay by your side until your steam generator is fitted and functioning smoothly. Our product is not only the steam generator: it is in particular our willingness to help you get started.

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