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Showing all 11 results

Do you wish to produce spirits like gin, whiskey, schnapps or similar spirits products, you will need to buy distilleries and distilling equipment. This is the case regardless of whether you want semi-professional facilities or a professional production company.

At Bryggeriudstyr.com we have a large selection of the equipment that you’ll need. We can offer equipment from 50 liters and as much as 1000 liters if you want a really big production facility. Our distilleries and the distilling equipment are easy to learn and use, and the products are of solid quality, which means that vi can guarantee durability by stable use in industrial environments.

In addition all our products are food approved (sanitary grade) as well as CE approved and it meets all the European standards.

Knowhow and counseling

We have many years of experience and hence specific knowledge and know-how at Bryggeriudstyr.com. We are familiar with the requirements of distilleries, which means we can offer distilling equipment that is produced according to your needs and wishes in collaboration with our partner Zyb Craft. Thus, we are always ready to guide you to find the best solution and exact equipment that you need.

Besides guaranteeing the quality of our products, we also offer spare parts and provide service of the products. This means you are assured that your products and your facilities are always functional and ready to use. 

Visit our showroom in Herning

Bryggeriudstyr.com have a showroom in Herning, Denmark, where you are more than welcome to visit and take a look at the products and distilling equipment, we can offer. For example the smaller plants come in different qualities such as copper, glass and stainless steel. The bigger one is produced in stainless steel. At our showroom you can see these different options and decide which type is best for your production. If you have questions or want more information, you are more than welcome to contact us by phone or email.

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