Approval of CCTs and BBTs

Pressure vessels that are 500 litres or more and intended for a working pressure of 2 bar or more must be certified according to the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED Directive 2014/68/EU). The requirement for certification of brewing tanks under pressure is, according to the Pressure Equipment Directive, that working pressure multiplied with liters must be more than 1,000. CCTs and BBTs with beer are liquids group 2. It does’nt matter whether the tanks are category A or B. The requirements are the same according to §11 of the Pressure Equipment Directive.

The pressure when fermenting beer is typically 1.2-1.6 bar. Most CCTs are usually tested to 3 bar and have a working pressure of 2 bar. The pressure relief valve is triggered at 2.2 bar. BBTs typically have a working pressure of 3 bar. This means that all tanks of 500 litres and more must be approved and installed in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive.

Arbejdsstyrelsen (yhe Danish Working Environment Authority) is responsible for checking that your CCTs are BBTs approved and installed securely in accordance with the Executive Order on the Use of Pressure Equipment (no. 1977 of 27/10/2021). Like the Fødevarestyrelsen (Danish Veterinary and Food Administration), Arbejdsstyrelsen (the Danish Working Environment Authority) visits unannounced for inspection.

In cooperation with our supplier, Zybrew, we issue pressure certificates for each tank we supply. You will find your Certificate of Conformity in the Document folder on this website.

Pressure tanks must be set up so that they can be cleaned, repaired and checked. This means, among other things, that there must be a minimum distance of 30cm from the tank itself to walls and other tanks. If there are pipes, valves or manholes on the side facing the wall, the distance should be 50cm. When you set up the tanks for the first time, repair them or move them, it is your responsibility to have your installation approved by an independent company that is certified to approve the installation with pressure vessels.

Here is a list of certified bodies that can approve setups with pressure equipment.

Please write to us if you come across several companies that are certified to approve the installation of pressure vessels.

You are also obliged to have the tanks inspected or to check the tanks yourself every year – and keep a record of the control. Read more about it in Chapter 5 of the Executive Order.