Good quality

Much more for the money

China has years of tradition in producing quality stainless steel equipment at reasonable prices. Our suppliers are in the absolute top-class, we have personally checked the quality and keep constant checks that everything is as it should be.

The challenge in buying and importing industrial products from China is mainly to ensure that you get the right equipment – and you get all you need.

Roughly speaking, the cultural difference is that the Chinese are thinking of selling goods, where we in Denmark and Scandinavia want to buy a solution. is the bridge over the cultural divide.

We have imported brewing equipment from China since 2010, so are familiar with the potential for misunderstanding each other – and know how to avoid it. We are making sure that all details has been in consideration.

Approved by the authorities

Our suppliers comply with the rules for exporting machines to EU countries (the Machinery Directive). This means that they live up to the CE mark. CE means short and well Communautés Européennes and shows that the products can be sold anywhere in the internal european market. Bryggeriudstyr ApS are CE-certified as well and guarantee that they equipment as a whole comply with the CE-rules.

Steel, welds, etc. has been carried out according to applicable international industry standards for food products. The materials are typically in stainless steel 304 and 316.
The technical specification with which can be presented for food control. Chinese equipment like ours is in use places in Europe and Scandinavia. It has as far as we are informed not given any comments or problems in relation to the authorities.