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Newsletter #1-Control panel for cooling and much more

Welcome to the first newsletter from Bryggeriudstyr ApS. On a regular basis, we’ll keep you informed about what is new in our world of production-equipment for micro-breweries.

The first few months have been hectic. There has been a lot of interest and we have provided many offers (more than 30 in the last quarter of 2016). And we have signed a good handful of deals. Much more than we could have expected.

Single Control Panel is included

We’ve had (good) experiences with the installation of a single control panel for cooling of yeast-tanks – a control panel that comes as a standard part of the deal for all our yeast-tanks. Along the way, we have translated a montage and instruction manual, which a partner has tested for us.

You can download the guide here.

You can read more about the simple panel for cooling-control here.

Impressive quality for Mylius Erichsen

Already in July, before we formally established the company, we delivered a combined washer and back-pressure filler for kegs for Mylius Erichsens Brewery in Hvide Sande, Denmark. Our first customer was very impressed with the quality and finish of the plant.

Read the customer reference here.

New supplier of bottling equipment and other processing-facilities

Several people have asked about bottling equipment, label equipment, Pasteur and other processing-facilities. We have, in cooperation with the partner in China who manufactures our brewery equipment and yeast-tanks, examined several suppliers.

He has given a clear recommendation of a manufacturer in the Shanghai-region. At this point in time we are well advanced in the work to establish cooperation with this manufacturer. So far this means that we have examined the quality and pitfalls of two Swedish micro-breweries who have previously purchased bottling facilities from the manufacturer.

In collaboration with a Danish electronic-engineer, we have changed the configuration of the supplier’s installation in order to make the components easy to regain and maintain in Scandinavia. We also review the mechanical parts and make sure to either replace the special Chinese components beforehand – or to obtain a stock of spare parts for the customer to keep at home.

We do not plan to build a stock of spare parts ourselves. However, we have learned that small parts can reach from China to Denmark with air freight in three days.

Essentially, we are to ensure that future customers of process-facilities get the given facility installed properly and quickly – as well as get the proper introduction and training in the facilities. The supplier is happy to send Chinese fitters, but they typically do not speak English. According to the experiences of the Swedish microbreweries, the communication-problems have been almost prohibitive.

Instead, we have chosen to start a collaboration with Danish fitters for both the mechanical and electronic parts of the machines. The idea is to let Danish collaborators being the fitters and technicians gain know-how using close contact with the supplier in China. They have good people, who we communicate with daily. But these are salesmen not technicians. Instead, they have pledged to provide daily contact via chat and video conferencing with the factory technicians thereby ensuring that our Danish fitters get the help they need.

We look forward to test our concept in practice when we hopefully can ship the first bottling-plant home to a Danish customer soon.

Custom-built tanks for Geddal Gårdbryggeri

The first brew is in place in the new tanks for Geddal Gårdbryggeri at Vinderup, Denmark. The tanks are custom built for the low ceiling in the farm-brewery.

Read more here.

800 litre brewery for Greenland

Our supplier has just shipped a two-vessel 800-litre brewery to a Greenlandic microbrewery. The plant is tailored to very tight spaces with, among other things, a detachable platform.

Read more here.

Everything is produced to order – and thus tailored to your needs

Many of the customers we have been in contact with in the first few months are amazed that the price of new plants can compete with the price of used plants. The explanation is quite simply that the price of production in Asia is considerably lower than in the West – and the Chinese quality is surprisingly good.

What can cause problems in particular when buying equipment in China is the difference in culture and language – it should not be underestimated. We have done a lot of experience in importing brewery equipment from China and can help our customers to quickly and accurately produce the equipment that is needed. And ensure that it is delivered as well as in put into operation as expected.

We have experience in the system so that we can build bridges between Danish and Scandinavian requirements and expectations – and Asian culture and way of thinking.

We can also help you with an offer on just what you are missing for your microbrewery or home brewery.

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#9 Our partner model, total supplier with full service

Bryggeriudstyr ApS is a total supplier of brewery equipment and we provide service before the sale, throughout and after the sale. However, we do not provide turnkey breweries as well as we do not install the equipment ourselves. You’re responsible for completing these tasks in cooperation with your own local craftsmen.

It is quite deliberate that we have chosen to work from our own partner-model. It benefits all parties.  Now you will hear how we work with both Danish and foreign suppliers-and Danish craftsmen.

When you, as a customer, buy a brewery (or parts of a brewery) from us, we help plan, design and draw the brewery to meet your specific needs and expectations. When you, as a customer, buy a brewery (or parts of a brewery) from us, we help plan, design and draw the brewery to meet your specific needs and expectations. It is our responsibility to take care of the production, quality assurance, transport and insurance during transportation.

Once the equipment has arrived, you must install, test and put the equipment into production in cooperation with local suppliers. Our way of business ensures that know-how is transferred to you and your nearest local partners (That being blacksmiths, refrigeration servicemen, electricians etc.)

In reality, it’s both cheaper and faster, when you make contact with your local craftsmen yourself, as they will get to know the brewery and equipment. This way you can quickly, efficiently and cheaply solve the problems along the way when for instance a pump breaks down, the refrigeration system strikes, or the control does not go as planned.

Along the way, we help solve the challenges. We are giving advise to the employees of the customer’s brewery and the local craftsmen. We are for instance mounting an Internet-box on the electronic control of the system so our technicians in China or Denmark can help solve potential issues through remote access.

There are always challenges and things that need to be solved. We will help you and your team getting along with all of it. We are your business-partners when you choose to make a deal with Bryggeriudstyr ApS – and we provide all required warranty, service and advice.

But, as stated, business with us is not a turnkey delivery-deal. To ensure profitability, operation and to transfer know-how to you, we work based on this partner-model, which requires the active involvement of you and your local suppliers.

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Newsletter #8 – Great quality filling machines at a fantastic price

We have been working for some time on finding a solid and reliable supplier of bottling equipment. A Chinese supplier that we can trust, and who can deliver a level of quality and service we can vouch for.

We have now finally found what we were looking for: An honest supplier with solid, high-quality machines – and a keen understanding of good service.

We believe so strongly in this supplier that we are offering three months free returns on all filling machines delivered to Denmark.

A peek into the canning machine that has a capacity of 1,500 to 2,000 cans per hour.

This means we guarantee that your filling machine will rinse, fill and bottle exactly as it should up to three months after the filling machine is delivered to your brewery. The only cost that you risk having to pay yourself if you choose to reject the machine will be the working time you put in and fees for installation and set-up of the machine. You do not need to provide any justification for your decision to return the machine:

if you are not satisfied within three months, we will simply buy back the machine with a smile.

Now let us tell you why we are willing to offer such a great guarantee:

  1. We made a visit to China back in April and checked out the supplier’s machines for ourselves. We reviewed their documentation and heard all about their service programme – and we enjoyed some excellent craft brews in their own small independent brewery.
  2. Since then, we have worked in collaboration with the supplier to review their machine program and replace virtually all of the electronic components (such as pumps, frequency converters, motors, gears and much more) with alternatives developed by Western European manufacturers like ABB, Siemens, Danfoss and SEW.
    This is not because Western European brands are necessarily better than products from Asia, but rather it was to ensure that the components can be serviced and replaced quickly and easily in our corner of the world – preferably by a local metalworker, electrician or electrical mechanic.
    We also adopted the same strategy with regards to movable parts such as belts. For parts which cannot easily be replaced by Western components, we provide a solid range of spare parts alongside the machine.
  3. We are also working actively to spread know-how among Danish service technicians so that you won’t end up being dependent on us or our supplier in China.
  4. Before we deliver a machine to you, we send your bottles, capsules or cans to China so that the machine can be calibrated to fit your set-up.
  5. Once the machine is ready for dispatch from the factory, we check over it ourselves and make sure that everything is in order before the consignment is sent to Denmark.

All filling machines and related equipment such as pasteurisers, labelling machines, date markers, conveyor belts, packing tables, etc. are all tailored to meet your specific needs.

Price examples:

A bottling machine with a capacity of 500 half-litre bottles per hour with six rinsing heads, six filling heads and a bottling head can be acquired for less than DKK 300,000.

A machine with a capacity of 1,000 half-litre bottles per hour with 14 rinsing heads, 12 filling heads and four bottling heads can be acquired for around DKK 500,000.

A filling machine for cans with a capacity of around 1,500 cans per hour would cost you around DKK 500,000. It has 12 filling heads and one sealing head.

A tunnel pasteuriser with a capacity of between 1,500 and 2,000 bottles per hour costs less than DKK 400,000.

As part of our search, we were also looking for smaller hand-filling facilities of a suitable quality produced in China, but we had no luck on this front. If you have a smaller budget and plenty of manpower, then our best option for you would be a hand-filler produced in Germany.

The production and delivery time for a filling machine is around six months.

PS: We expect to have the first Chinese filling machines up and running in Denmark over the course of 2019 – several of our customers have already expressed an interest in being among the first!

Our requirements for bottling machines from brewery equipment ApS:

  • The bottling machines we supply are built for daily use and continuous operation.
  • If there are crashes or problems, a local craftsman should be able to service and repair the machine so that it is quickly running again.
  • There is comprehensible documentation in English.
  • We can advise and guide you on the use, maintenance and repair of the machine in cooperation with our supplier – for many years to take.
  • The equipment is, of course, CE approved.