Brewing equipment for every need

Do you dream of starting a microbrewery, do you need bottling equipment to fit your brewing plant or are you looking for small spare parts for your brewing equipment?

We offer it all – and add solid knowhow and advice for free.

At Bryggeriudstyr ApS you will find a comprehensive range of – as the name (in danish) reveals – brewery equipment. We sell both the small and large components of a microbrewery – from the small fittings to the large plants. Therefore, on the page you will find everything between the small package for the complete and comprehensive solution of 2.000 liter brewery with three vessels – or even larger.

The hardware – the brewery equipment – is our core competence. We started importing brewing equipment from China in 2016 and have since expanded to include products from Italy and Germany so we can offer a wide range of products that you find here on the site. We are familiar with the requirements for beer production, craft brewed beer and the market, so we are able to offer brewing equipment that is produced exact according to your wishes and needs. You get ready-made equipment for your microbrewery at a competitive price that covers both top-quality brewery equipment and the comprehensive knowhow that we always provide.

Service and advice throughout is our trademark.

At you buy a complete solution

Our products and service are much more than the beer brewing equipment you find on this site. Our product is equally our experience and professional insight with brewing equipment. We specialize in selling brewery equipment for small craft brewers as well as small and medium sized microbreweries. We therefore know the exact challenges associated with setting up breweries of this size.

We are a passionate, knowledgeable and competent team behind, which has several years of experience in starting microbrews, beer brewing and imports from overseas suppliers. Therefore, you can be sure that we know the answer to your question: whether it is the fermentation process, fundraising or the business plan. And we would like to help you find a solution to your specific problem. Our advice is thus both technical and innovative – and always personal.

Danish standards for brewing equipment 

The Chinese suppliers are skilled at their craft; they create a solid product of durable, stainless materials that are technologically equipped for modern beer brewing. But the Chinese do not know about the compliance to European requirements, just as communication with the overseas factories can easily be hampered by cultural differences. Acquiring cross-language and cultural boundaries can be a major challenge that can result in you are importing a larger brewery facility that does not match what you are looking for and need. This is where our experience makes a difference. Our long-standing and close cooperation with the manufacturers gives us the tools to negotiate specific wishes and requirements for the equipment in place, so that you are assured of the right brewing equipment.

We know our suppliers and guarantee their quality. We even know the European food requirements for brewery equipment, are experienced in importing and transporting the equipment, and we are familiar with the foreign workflow. We can therefore “translate” your expectations and your requirements for your microbrewery to the manufacturer and thus create the microbrewery that suits your circumstances.