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Are you Wannabeer – get your papers in order, newsletter #25

Wannabeer? So come and join us

Conversation promotes understanding. This is an old advertisement for a telecommunications company that is long gone. But it’s still true – talking helps.

Therefore, we have opened a Facebook group for everyone who dreams of establishing a microbrewery – or has quietly started to realize the dream. Wannabeer is the name of course the group and everyone is welcome to follow along.

The brewing environment is characterized by a good collegial atmosphere, where everyone helps each other. Counterparts instead of competitors. In our opinion, homebrewers and small brewers’ guilds with growth dreams should very much like to be a part of this. We can help each other start the brewer’s dream by giving good advice and perhaps also conveying a bit of realism into the dreams. We don’t all have to make the same stupid mistakes in the beginning.

At we have written down some of our own experiences and good advice in a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), which you will find here.

If you disagree with us or want to add something, it takes place in Wannabeer Group. You can find it here:

Paper order

As a supplier, it is our job to ensure that you as a customer have the right certificates and documents ready when the Danish Authorities pays you a visit.

On our website you will find declarations of conformity confirming that our equipment is intended for food use.

You can choose to download and print the PDFs that are relevant to you, so you have them ready when Fødevarestyrelsen (the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration) comes for a visit. You can also choose to pick them up when you need to show them off.

The declarations of conformity can be found here:

Pressure vessels of 500 litres or more and designed for a working pressure of 2 bar or more must be certified according to the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED Directive). The requirement for certification according to the PED is quite simply that the working pressure multiplied with liters must be more than 1,000. It therefore applies to most CCTs and BBTs. Arbejdstilsynet (The Danish Working Environment Authority) is responsible for checking your pressure tanks.

In cooperation with our supplier, Zybrew, we issue pressure certificates for each tank with the exact serial number on it. We have created a private area on our website for your brewery, where you will find all the necessary printing certificates for your particular brewery.

In the private “folder” on the website, we have also written a bill of materials of the equipment you have purchased from us. And put all relevant manuals for your equipment. It’s all in pdf format and ready to download. If you have not yet received or found your private folder, please contact us so we can get things in order. Well before the authorities knock on your door.

Login to your private folder here:


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Save energy – become wiser. Newsletter 24

Save energy

The rising prices of energy – both gas and electricity – are a major challenge for many microbreweries. Creative thinking is needed to save energy in beer production. That’s why we’ve put together a handful of good energy-saving tips for microbreweries:

  1. Get a hot water tank so you can use the heated cooling water from the plate heat exchanger for new brews (if you don’t already have one). A HLT (Hot Liquid Tank) typically has twice the volume of the batch size of the brewhouse itself.
    An electrically heated HLT costs DKK 38,000 for a 500 litre. 56,500 DKK for a 10HL, 76,900 DKK for a 20HL and 97,000 DKK for a HLT at 35HL. Try to calculate whether it is worth it or not.

  2. Replace your old gas-fired steam generator to en electric – gasprices are exploding more than electricity prices. If you can get gas at all in the future. An electric steam generator is also better for the climate with significantly less CO2 emissions. A small steam generator with a capacity of 40 kg of steam per hour (kg/h) costs DKK 111,000. A steam generator for 160 kg/h costs DKK 150,000.
    See our range of electric high quality steam generators from Italian Magnabosco here.  Please note: The challenge may be to obtain enough amperes for an electric steam generator. If you do not have enough power, your electrical installation must be upgraded. As a rule of thumb, the electricity company demands DKK 1,000 per extra ampere + installation.
    See an overview of the ampere requirements here.

  3. When you cook wort for beer production, a lot of hot steam is released, which usually seeps into the room or out to the sparrows via an exhaust duct and ventilation system. To no avail.
    With the expensive energy prices, it is easy to install a condenser on the brewery’s cooking boiler, which converts the hot steam into hot water. All new breweries we supply are of course equipped with condenser. But it is perfectly possible to retrofit a condenser to your existing brewery. Call or write and we will come and look at the possibilities.

We make Wannabees smarter

We are often in contact with homebrewers or other entrepreneurs who are thinking of starting a microbrewery. And we advise them all free of charge in all areas: Production requirements, financing, requirements for buildings, etc.

We have put this knowledge into a system and written a comprehensive FAQ where everyone can stop by and learn more about their brewing dream. Read on

100,000 litres of cocktails in just three months

We support more than beer production.

We have also developed and delivered Denmark’s (perhaps) largest cocktail mixer of 1,000 liters. It is seen on the right in the picture and is of course with motorized stirrer (even a well-trained bartender cannot turn the steel tank).

The three tanks on the left add carbon dioxide (CO2) to the drinks.

Excellent Wine in Herning received the plant at the end of April and have in just four months mixed more than 100,000 liters of cocktail delivered on kegs to bars at festivals, events, etc.


Lots of items in stock

Right now we have three 500 litre CCTs, three 10HL CCTs, a single 20HL CCT and a 25HL CCT in stock in Herning that could be installed at your brewery tomorrow. Ready for production.

 We also have distilleries of 100 and 200 liters in stock.

We also have pumps, label machines, hoses, fittings in raw quantities and much more good. Over in the corner, you will also find a CIP system and a 10HL glycol tank floating – take a look around the website yourself or give us a call if you are missing a big or small gizmo.

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Beer festival, steam generators on electricity and small bottling solution in a box

Newsletter #24

Meet us at the Beer Festival on Friday and Saturday (20-21 May) – Exhibition Stand C-13

If you visit the Danish Beer Enthusiasts ‘ Beer Festival at Lokomotivværkstedet in Copenhagen, stop by our stand, C-13,  and see hoprocket, X2 bottler, Y1 labeller and an example of our CCT’s – a mini version at only 100 liters.

Or just to have a chat about brewery equipment.

Gas is outdated – the future is electric

The war in Ukraine and the exploding gas prices have naturally shifted interest in gas-fired steam generators for breweries to similarly electric-fired steam generators. The climate challenge has given that movement a further push.

With the agency of one of Italy’s leading brands in steam generators, Magnabosco, we are fortunate to be able to offer a wide range of electric steam generators. Even with reasonable delivery times.

There are many advantages to electric steam generators: They make less noise and pollute, they require less service and they are quick and easy to repair because theu are simpler and not so mechanic. The disadvantage is that the electric steam generators require a thick and solid cable from the power plant – A lot of ampere is needed to pull electric steam generators.

A smaller generator of just 40kg of steam per hour requires 50 ampere. For example, if we get up to 100 kg of steam per hour, then the requirements for ampere increase to 118 ampere. 200kg of steam per hour requires 183 ampere and 300kg/hour swallows a whopping 227 ampere. Of course, we have both larger and smaller electric steam generators, where the larger ones typically run duplex with two smaller electric steam generators in pairs. This provides significantly greater flexibility and energy utilization when less steam is needed at a time.

If you do not have enough ampere for your buildings, additional power typically costs DKK 1,000 per ampere to get installed. Check, if the existing electric wires can handle the load. Ask the electrician and the power plant before seriously considering installing an electric-fired steam generator.

Generally spoken it takes about 10 kg of steam per hour to heat a hectolitre of beer. This means that a steam-fired 10HL brewery requires at least 100kg of steam per hour. If you use steam for other tasks such as keg washers, then additional capacity must be added to it.

Type item number 13500 in the search box on our website – or call us on +45 71747440.

Our bottling and label solution for smaller breweries is a huge success

For some time, we have been negotiating a very reliable and advanced semiautomatic bottler with two bottling heads for just over DKK 90,000. For that money you get a computer controlled (PLC) produced in Europe. A quick operator can bottle around 300 bottles per hour on our X2 bottler. We always aim to have at least one X2 bottler in stock for fast delivery.

Search item 50200 on to read more about the X2 tapper.

(PS: We hope and expect to get a new agency on smaller canners from a new and promising American manufacturer in the near future. Hopefully we can tell you more about this in the next newsletter).

As you may have read in newsletter no. 23 from December 2021, we have got a simple and efficient manual label machine in stock that both prints date and puts self-adhesive labels on both bottles and cans for only 12,000 kroner. And the labels, of course, is mounted precise on the bottles. It’s something that many retailers look for and appreciate when choosing hand-brewed craft beer for their store.

Of course, we have called the combine date printer and label machine for Y1. Search for 54010 on the website to read more – and watch a video of the machine in operation.

We can offer a total package with X2 and Y1 for just 98.000 kr.

Do you want to rent a bottling solution?

It is difficult for microbreweries to lend money in the bank. That is why we are looking for pilot customers for a new idea, where you rent from us.

We are simply looking for a few breweries that feel like renting X2 and Y1 for a monthly payment over a number of years. We don’t bother with the hassle of interest rates and advanced leasing arrangements. The idea is only to add insurance on top of the monthly rent, and then you can buy the equipment at a modest scrap value when the rental period is over.

The idea is that you can rent a solid semiautomatic bottling and label solution for DKK 2,900 a month over three years – and then the equipment can be acquired at a scrap value of DKK 10,000.

We are drowning in stainless steel – a great advantage for you

When we opened a webshop a few years ago as an experiment to sell fittings and spare parts for breweries, it was just intended as a supplement for project sale of brewery equipment. But the webstore is growing and expanding.

Last year we took the risc to rent half of a warehouse in Herning, and now we are spreading out over all 540 square meters in the warehouse, because our stock has expanded with pumps, hoses, distilleries, CIP carts, Hop-rocket and many other lovely things in stock. Not to mention fermenters (CCTs) in basic sizes of 100liter, 500liter, 10HL and 20HL (and a single 25HL is on the way).

In a short time, we have become the preferred supplier of small items for microbreweries in Denmark and Scandinavia – in addition to our core competence in project sales of entire breweries from 100liter to 60HL.

It is our strategy to provide items you don’t find in the webshop for the moment. At the same time, our Chinese supplier, Zybrew, has chosen to make us a service warehouse for all their customers in Europe. This means that the range of products is constantly expanding. For your benefit.

Take a look at and check out what we can deliver – and ask on 71 74 74 40 or for what you can’t find.

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Busy year, challenging installation, combo filler and new label machine – newsletter #23

Newsletter December 2021


Happy New Year – Busy 2021

We are sorry you haven’t heard from us in a while. We have been unreasonably busy this autumn installing new breweries, commissioning and at the same time taking care of our webshop with new orders and daily shipments of fittings. The bustle tells us that we have had a really good year in 2021 – not a word about Corona.

We have moved to our new warehouse and showroom in Herning. Together with our partner in China, we have started to develop special production facilities for mixing drinks, cooking foundation, fermenting food – and we are still developing at our breweries.

Two weary brewers from Flying Couch in front of their new brewery

Challenging installation at Flying Couch

After summer, we delivered a 2,000-litre brewery with three vessels and 4,000 litres of hot water tank to Flying Couch in Copenhagen, and we have to admit that it has been the most challenging task to date.

This means that for months we have been correcting errors and changing the system to make it work satisfactorily. But why tell such a difficult story in a newsletter where we’d rather brag about our work? The background is that our supplier and partner, Zyb Craft, had originally built the brewery for an exhibition in the USA last year. Due to Corona, the brewery ended up with us instead in Danmark. When Flying Couch bought the exhibition brewery, Zyb Craft had to produce the last piping, electrical control cabinet and software for the brewery that stood on the other side of the world at our warehouse in Silkeborg. It was difficult – and it didn’t go really well.

We tell this story because we want to emphasize how our partner, Zyb Craft, has supported us all the way. The Chinese engineers have been connected directly via the Internet to the brewery’s control system in Copenhagen – and have quickly corrected and adjusted the software. And they have quickly shipped new spare parts by air mail and supported physical changes in the brewery’s piping and configuration.

This massive support makes us comfortable delivering increasingly complicated breweries and other beverage production facilities.

Hybrid bottle/can filler at 1,200 BPH

Combined bottle and can fillers

Many of you have already discovered the benefit of filling cans instead of bottles. But it can be a challenge to take the big leap one day to the next to replace the glass with aluminum. We are therefore pleased to offer more options for combined can and bottle bottlers from European suppliers.

Among other things, it can be this hybrid filling machine– which can tap up to 1,200 cans or bottles per hour – and easily can be diverted from bottles to cans or vice versa.

In the basic configuration, it costs less than 135.000 euro.

Labeller Y2

A tiny smart labeller

Semi-automatic bottle-filler X2

Several small microbreweries have rightly become enthusiastic about our small, semi-automatic filler X2. We are therefore pleased to present our own label machine that fits in size and price for the same segment. We have, of course, called the label machine Y2. For just 6,000 euro, Y2 enables you to put adhesive labels accurately and easily on 200-300 bottles per hour.

Together, the X2 Filler and Y2 Labeler provide a fast and stable filling and labeling function for just about 13,500 euro – perfect for small one-man operated breweries.

All the small things you need

When you call or write us with a special request, we do all we can to help to get the brewery item you are missing – typically through our permanent partner in China, Zyb Craft. This means that new fittings and spare parts will be available on an ongoing basis in our webshop online and at the warehouse in Herning.

Of course, it takes time to get things home – or costs extra for air freight from the other side of the world. That’s why we’re continuously are expanding the variety of items in stock, so we can serve you better and faster. The idea is that all microbreweries can find exactly what you need in

We have pumps, hoses, valves, CIP systems, hop rocket and fermenters (CCTs) in 100, 500, 1,000 and 2,000 liters in stock – and much more.


We wish you all a happy New Year with lots of good beer. We’ll toast in your beer.

That’s what you can do: Brew good beer – we can just deliver the equipment.


Hopefully we will get in touch in 2022, Martin and Claus, Brewery Equipment ApS.

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New premises, large distilleries, compact brewery and troubling sea freight – newsletter #22

We have moved to Herning in new office and warehouse (showroom)

Now we’ve grown big enough to leave home. In October, Bryggeudstyr ApS will celebrate its first five years as a supplier to Danish microbreweries. All the years we have run the company from our home office in Holstebro and Engesvang. From the future, it will be from the address Virkelyst 40 in Herning, where we have an office and 564 square meters of stock, which will also serve as a showroom.

You can safely perceive the address, Virkelyst 40, as a statement of intent. Virkelyst is a Danish pun, meaning something like energy, enterprise and initiative. We are SO ready and able to serve you even better with everything from fittings, yeast and storage tanks and tailor-made design of your new or rebuilt brewery.

Within a few months, we expect to be stocked with 10HL, 20HL and 25HL fermenters (CCTs) for immediate delivery. Of course, we have pumps, valves and a growing range of other small and large fittings for your beer production.

As can be seen from the sign in the photo, we have at the same time intensified our cooperation with Zybrew, or Zyb Craft as they also call themselves. Over the years, our cooperation has grown closer and closer – for the benefit of both parties and especially for your customers.

Zyb Craft’s engineers can, with today’s notice, draw specially designed tanks, production facilities and breweries according to your specifications. Just as they continuously help us with advice. Together with Zyb Craft, we have designed facilities for the production of cold coffee, cocktail mixing, foundation cooking, distilleries, kombucha production, juice and juice production facilities – and many other special beverage production facilities. With Zyb Craft, we can do much more, into you think – and perhaps Bryggeriudstyr ApS (Brewing Equipment) should one day change its name. We can do much more than microbreweries.

You are always welcome to stop by Herning – just for a chat or a look at our equipment. During the autumn, we will really fill up the warehouse so that we can call it a showroom.

Both small and large distilleries

In the last newsletter we wrote about the first (small) distillery for the Branderiet in Brande. Now we have also got larger industrial distilleries of 300, 500 and 1,000 liters in the range – developed in collaboration with Zyb Craft.

Why not expand beer production with your own schnapps, whiskey or gin?

Look at the selection on our website.

Ultra-compact brewery according to our own design

In collaboration with Zyb Craft (of course) we have developed a compact 2-vessel brewery that can be of just 9.5 square meters for a 600 liter and 13 square meters for 1,000 liters.

The brewery is constructed according to a modified German principle with combined mashed vessels and kettle as the first vessel. The second tub is a “tower” with the sieve at the top and whirlpool located underneath.

The trick is that you can use the whirlpool as a buffer tank and store sparge water in it. This saves both time and space on the floor. You dont need a separate hot water tank (HLT). After brewing, you are left with some lukewarm water, and in principle it can be used for brewing on the day after by running it back into the boiler.

The compact brewery is complete with control (PID control with buttons) and costs just DKK 260,000 in the 6HL-liter version and 400,000 kroner in the 10HL version.

Covid-19 creates chaos on sea freight

In the past year or so, the prices of getting a container home from Asia have doubled almost five times. Before corona, we were able to get a 40-foot container home for DKK 22,000 – today it costs over DKK 100,000. At the same time, delivery has become erratic and takes longer.

During the Covid19 pandemic, shipping companies have cut back on the number of containers and ships. This has caused problems in obtaining containers and space on ships now that the world is returning to normal.

Therefore, we have been forced to raise the prices of all the big items like fermenters, breweries, etc. because they take up a lot of space in the containers. So far, freight prices appear to have stabilised at the same high level for some time yet. We adjust our prices on an ongoing basis.

Italian bottling machines – and canning machines

In recent months, we have spent researching Italian (and a single French) suppliers of bottle bottling machines – and in particular of combined bottling machines for both bottles and cans. We have no doubt that the cans are gaining ground more and more, and the switch from bottles to cans requires care and planning.

We can already deliver good Italian bottling lines with our usual advice, service and warranty – and we plan to go on a tour of northern Italy in the coming autumn, so can become even more sharp on the selection and possibilities.

We have also found a really skilled supplier of small canning machines from China in a good quality. We look forward to continuing to develop and deliver canned bottlers to our customers.

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New can fillers, first distillery in Denmark – and stock sale (newsletter #21)

Cans are the new “black.” The cans are light, cheap, take up less space, are great for protecting the beer – and so they are becoming trendy. We are quite sure that the bad reputation of the cans is coming to an end. Cans were once lousy lagers we dragged across the border from Germany at the time we did not know better. Today they are becoming the preferred container for craft beers.

Cans are light, cheap, sustainable and fantastic packaging that protects the beer better than glass bottles. Cans are hip. We are convinced that in the future there will be good craft brewed, quality beer in cans. Dansk Retursystem estimates that it is no cost to recycle the cans into new aluminum cans. In comparison, it costs 40 øre to return used disposable bottles and reuse the glass.

That is why we at Bryggeriudstyr ApS have been searching for a proper can tap that can spit many cans out at a time – and is affordable.

See what we have found here:

A simple canning system with a tapping head that taps 500 cans per hour – and a 4-head linear can line that taps almost 2000 cans per hour.

We have called the little guy with one filling head Canit11 and the big one with four filling heads for Canit44. We are excited to deliver the first can fillers and we are ready to give a good discount for the first customer.

Branderiet (the distillery) has bought their first professional distillation plant – and is thrilled

Several have asked about distillation plants, that is why we have imported the first distillery plant to a customer in Brande (the name Branderiet is a pun in Danish, Distillery is called a Brænderi in danish).

The distillation plant is 100 liters with five distillation phases (stills), and René Larsen from Branderiet is just thrilled:

– The quality is surprisingly good. The wall thickness is much thicker than the hobby-plant I already had. And then there is a lot more copper in both the column and the pot still than I expected from a plant from China, he says.

Branderiet has bought a gin basket and a whiskey head for the distillation plant, and so far René Larsen has run his first gin twice through the plant.

– Already after the first run I got 55% alcohol out of it. In the old days I could only reach 42%. With this plant, it is possible to concentrate on the heart in its distillation process. It is easy to get the finest and purest product out of the distillation, says René Larsen.

A good run takes four to six hours.

– It’s easy to adjust how fast you want it. I’m pretty excited and I’m looking forward to making whiskey over the summer, he says.

Stock sales in China and Denmark

During May, Bryggeriudstyr ApS will move to a new address in Herning, where we will set up an office, warehouse, workshop and showroom for our growing range of brewery equipment. That is why we would like to clean up our warehouse in Them near Silkeborg, so we sell out at good moving prices.

Find our stock offer here:

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#19 newsletter, december 2020. CIP, expanding stock and bottling equipment on hand

In this last newsletter of the year, you can read about thorough cleaning (CIP), different tapping solutions and breweries in stock for fast delivery.

The most challenging and fun project was to establish a 500 liter brewhouse in two containers on behalf of Nørrebro Bryghus in the Street Food Market, Reffen, in Copenhagen.

2020 was in many ways a strange year for our customers and for us in the microbrewery industry. During the Covid-19 pandemic a number of microbreweries like the rest of society have experienced things going on standby – others have experienced a huge boom and have not been able to keep up with the demand for local, craft-brewed beer.

It is especially breweries on the islands and in the tourist areas that have had difficulty keeping up with the demand. The breweries that primarily make a living from supplying to restaurants, bars and taprooms have virtually come to a standstill.

A number of microbreweries have tried take-away solutions such as beer subscriptions, bottled draft beer or growlers to move sales from business to private customers. In this context, we have noticed an increasing demand for our Pegas solution, which provides draft beer in bottles and growlers with a shelf life of several months.

Pegas has by the way developed a better, cheaper, flexible and more advanced solution that, according to the plans, offers the opportunity to offer an almost infinitely large range of craft-brewed draft beer out-of-the-house. We look forward to telling you more about Smarttap 2.0 in Q1 of 2021.

A number of breweries have used the quiet periods during the corona pandemic to review their production to optimize the proces and make plans for expansions of production equipment. We are happy to come by with good suggestions for improvements and help draw the lines for your version of the brewery of the future. We are here to help.

CIP is central to good beer

An old rule of thumb says that a brewer spends 80 percent of his working time cleaning the brewing equipment. The background is that thorough cleaning is absolutely essential for brewing good beer.

You can always CIP by manually pumping water, lye, acid and other disinfectant fluids around the system. The downside is that it is difficult to CIP properly with hot water and you can’t reuse the expensive and environmentally harmful cleaning agents. In a CIP system, it is easy to neutralize the used cleaning agents to the correct PH value before they are poured into the drain.

That is why we always recommend a real CIP system with built-in tanks for the cleaning liquids – and the opportunity to heat them up and circulate them around the brewery’s installations without coming into physical contact with the liquids.

We offer mobile CIP systems with both two and three tanks in standard sizes of 50 and 100 liters. We can of course design larger or smaller plants according to your wishes and needs.

If it is true that a brewer spends 80 percent of his working time cleaning, then automating the cleaning really pays off in a busy day.

PS: We have a new and unused 3-tank CIP system of 50 liters in stock for fast delivery (picture).

In 2020, the range in our warehouse became larger and larger

Since we opened the webshop on in 2019, we have continuously taken more and more item numbers home in stock, so we can quickly help you with what you are just missing in the brewing process.

In addition to all the little things, we also have a lot of bigger things like 500 liter CCTs, open fermenters, a larger refrigeration system with associated glycol tank and even a 3-tank 20 HL brewery in stock for fast delivery.

We have been allowed to put the big things in the warehouse of our good colleague and partner, Brewolution in Silkeborg.

Click here to take a look at the goods in stock. 

And you are always welcome in our fitting shop. 


Bottling in all sizes

We have experienced great interest in our new handle pins, X2, so we have unfortunately sold out in our warehouse with the popular machine. The supplier, in turn, has promised to be fast with new machines – the delivery time is only a few weeks.

On the other hand, we now have two pieces of our small, classic fully automatic 3-in-1 bottling line that rinses, taps and capsules at about 500 bottles per hour. One is second hand and still in production at Thurø Bryghus until February, when we deliver a brand new bottler to the brewery at Svendborg.

Thurø’s bottling block is built for 33 cl longneck bottles, but we can offer to rebuild the machine to exactly your bottle size – at a really good price.

We also have a finished 3-in-1 bottling block at the factory floor at the manufacturer in China, which we have been allowed to resell in a quick trade. The bottler has eight rinsing heads, six tapping heads and one capsule head (8-6-1) and are built for plastic bottles with screw caps, but since it is still at the factory, we can quickly get it configured for your particular bottle size.

Thank you for a good collaboration in 2020 – we will continue our efforts in 2021 to become your closest partner when it comes to equipment for beer brewing and production of other beverages.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Martin Schau and Claus Thorhauge, Bryggeriudstyr ApS.

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#18 Newsletter, october 2020. 4-vessel 25HL brewery, stock upgrade and top-ten food tech supplier

Shiny glossy 4-vessel brewery on the shelves

Our supplier is currently setting up a 2,500-liter four-tank brewery at Asia’s largest brewery equipment fair, CBB in Shanghai. The brewery is of course with pneumatic valves and prepared for full automation.

The four vessels ensure a high, continuous production without a bottleneck. We can deliver the brewery in Denmark for only 1.7 mill. kroner in a few months.

We still have a 20HL 3-tank brewery in our warehouse in Silkeborg. You are welcome to stop by if you want to see such a facility in real life.



We can deliver the most important things in a few days – the rest takes a little longer

You could say that we manage both the possible and the impossible – the impossible just takes a little longer.

As mentioned, we have a couple of breweries of 20 and 25 HL in stock along with a larger cooling plant for a fermenter park, open and closed fermenters and much more.

Over the past year, we have simply established a reasonable stock in Denmark. We can with just a day notice can deliver the most important items – we always have the most common fittings in stock. Just order in our webshop at

At the same time, in collaboration with our supplier in China, Zybrew, we have cataloged our warehouse in Silkeborg and China, so you can easily see what we can deliver from day-to-day. The goods in China will be delivered by sea freight within two months.

Click on and select Quick Deals in the menu under Webshop.

What you can not find in stock, we can of course get produced.


We have entered the top ten in Europe as a supplier of Food-tech solutions

Bryggeriudstyr ApS is one of the best tech solution providers in Europe

We are very pleased that Food and Beverage Tech Review has nominated Bryggeriudstyr ApS and our partner, Zybrew, as one of the top-10- solution providers in Europe for 2020.

It is an honor that we will do our outmost to live up to.

Read more about our nomination in the magazine (pdf).

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#17 Newsletter, august 2020. New craft bottler, chamber pasteur, cooling system and much more

Special offer on used bottling machine for 33 cl longneck bottles

Attentive readers of this newsletter might remember that we last summer received a damaged bottling machine. The machine was overturned during transport and is partially damaged. But it has been running quite will in weekly operation at Thurø Bryghus.

The insurance company has now allowed us to resell the machine. We can therefore offer an almost new, compact and automatic bottling machine with six rinsing heads, six bottling heads and a capsule head with a capacity of just over 600 33 cl bottles per hour for just 150.000 kroner.

Interested parties are welcome to inspect the machine at Thurø Bryghus near Svendborg – and see the tap in operation. Contact us to make an appointment.

The bottling machine is built for 33 cl longneck bottles and due to the damage it cannot be converted to other bottle types. The bottler is freely delivered to breweries in Denmark,. The terms are purchased as intended.

See pictures and specifications of the bottling machine here,

Note that pictures and specifications on the website show the new and improved model with 8 rinsing heads. The impact offer has only 6 rinsing heads.

New manual bottler for 350 bottles per hour

We have for at long time been searching for a compact manual counterpressure bottler for smaller microbreweries – now we’ve found it!

We were going to Eastern Europe, where a skilled and experienced engineer specializing in bottling equipment has designed a simple bottling machine with two bottling heads, two capsule heads and a PLC with touch panel to control all the glory. We simply call it Bottle Filler X2, which is really well thought out with many simple and smart details.

We have bought one of the first machines at home and tested it in collaboration with Borgs Bryghus near Herning. Both Erik Borg and we are impressive over the machine. At a beer temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, we tapped four bottles per minute – that gives 240 bottles per hour. That number will be significantly higher if the beer is colder.

The best thing is almost that we can deliver the new manual bottler at a competitive price of just 82,400 kroner. Delivery time is approximately six weeks (we have one in stock for immediate delivery). Erik Borg has promised to show the machine if you will like to see the bottler in work.

We have already Bottle Filler X2 in stock for immidiate delivery.

New Pegas Bottler – the old model is discontinued

In the last newsletter, we proudly told about our new agency as a dealer of Pegas bottlers for bars, restaurants and taprooms. Unfortunately, there is not much to be proud of.

The manufacturer has problems delivering the CrafTtab Smart, that we have ordered. Deliveries are very late. Meanwhile the Russian supplier has announced that CrafTab Smart will be removed and replaced by a new model that is much smarter and, among other things, can handle two types of beer at a time – reportedly at the same price.

We have chosen to remove Pegas CrafTab Smart from our range. We have still the manual solution, CrafTab 3.0, ready for order.

Of course, those customers who already have CraftTab Smart can still get spare parts and service.

Cooling system for fermenter park

We have a complete cooling system with a chiller at 44 kW in stock. The cooling system is incl. a 1.000 liter glycol tank. The system is intended for a tank capacity of approximately 15,000 liters. We can deliver the cooling facility very fast. We will of course be available for piping and installation.

We have (finally) found a chamber pasteurizer

Several have asked for a chamber pasteur, and we have long searched for a proper solution. Suddenly it came from a completely unexpected side. Our Danish colleagues, Flexmatic, have developed a really solid, functional and fully automatic chamber pasteur that takes a pallet with 36 boxes of bottles at a time.

It is Danish produced – and can even be built according to your own requirements.

Read more here:

The store is moving to the .com domain

Bryggeriudstyr ApS is undergoing rapid development both in Denmark, Scandinavia – and in fact also in the rest of Europe.

That is why we have decided to move our website from .dk to .com. From now on we are There will be no difference for users – both and work.

But then Google can also see that we are becoming a world company – at least in Europe.

Installation and commissioning of a full brewery in four weeks

The big smiles were forthcoming when, on 12 August, we were finally able to pass the first two batches through the new 500-liter brewery, Nørrebro Bryghus has established in two containers on Copenhagen’s Street Food market – colloquially called Reffen.

Covid-19 has delayed the project by several months, so it was a huge pleasure for both Nørrebro Bryghus and Bryggeriudstyr ApS, as the hops slipped into the mash tun accompanied by cheerful jazz tones and lots of curious visitors. We will thank Nørrebro Bryghus for a fantastic and collaborative effort to install and make the brewery up and running in only four weeks.

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#16 Newsletter may 2020 – Pegas, supplier portfolio and pubbrewery in containers

In this May newsletter we have a new exciting bottling system for draft beer, a project with a pub-brewery in two containers for the street food market in Copenhagen and a presentation of our suppliers and partners.

Tap the draft beer so it lasts for a month or two

Suddenly, in these dark corona times, a joyful surprise dumped into our inbox: A Norwegian/Russian company invited Bryggeriudstyr ApS to be dealer of their unique solutions for bottling craft beer on bottles or growlers.

Of course, backpressure filling with CO2 and full preservation of taste and quality. The solutions can switch between different kegs, each with their own beer type and a very small loss of the valuable beer – less than two percent is wasted.

The Pegas system is already in operation in the United States and many other major beer nations. But the system is quite unknown in Denmark. One of the only users is Erik Borg from Borgs Bryghus in Herning and he has only good experience with Pegas.

– I’ve had two Crafttab Smart for 14 months and they work great. It’s basically no beer loss, and I confidently promise that the beer can last for eight weeks or more, says Erik Borg.

He adds:

– For me, there are many benefits. One of the biggest is that I can start bottling and talk to the customer without being forced to keep an eye on the machine. It works just like a coffee machine and manages it all – it must be a huge advantage for bars, restaurants and taprooms, where staff have no skills and time to keep up with temperature, pressure and foam. You can ask everyone to operate it.

Many of Borg’s customers have purchased a growler, which they come in and get filled up at the microbrewery’s opening hours every Friday. Erik even uses Pegas Craftab Smart to bottle on regular bottles – he does not have another bottling facility.

– I can fill a half liter bottle in a minute. It works fine in my small brewery until I can afford to buy a bottling machine, says Erik Borg.

The Pegas system consists of a manual tapper called Craftap 3.0 and an automatic tapper Craftap Smart (the model from which Borgs Bryghus bought two pieces). In addition, a manual switch, CraftPad Light, is available for four or six kegs or beer tanks, respectively.

A simpler solution for mounting directly on the taps tap named Pegas Drive and Pegas Innovation is also available. The two solutions are intended for plastic bottles only (PET).

Read more about the Pegas system here.

Bryggeriudstyr ApS becomes a total supplier for microbreweries

We provide complete solutions for microbreweries and other beverage manufacturers. It is only possible through close and good cooperation with our suppliers – and they are becoming more and more.

Let’s start by introducing Chinese Zybrew with our talented partner James Jia at the forefront. Zybrew produces breweries and fermenters of all sizes in excellent quality and always with a good service. Together with Zybrew, we always solve the customer’s challenges – even when it becomes difficult. James is the reason why we established Bryggeriudstyr ApS back in 2014, when James offered us an agency at his breweries.

In collaboration with Zybrew, we also provide the German Proleit system for fully automatic control of larger microbreweries. A software solution that we have yet to install in Denmark. Most of the fittings we sell in our webshop come from Zybrew’s subcontractors in China. We have chosen that solution because we know that Zybrew guarantees the quality.

For several years, in cooperation with Chinese EQS, we have developed bottling lines for the European market. EQS (or Jinri as they are also called) produces bottling lines for bottles and cans, as well as associated equipment such as depalletizers, pasteurisers etc. EQS’s machines are of good quality, built on Western European pumps and engines. The machines are so superior quality that Bryggeriudstyr ApS takes responsibility and puts on the CE mark. We are guaranteeing that EQS’s bottling lines comply with EU rules and safety requirements.

When it comes to smaller semi-automatic bottling machines, we use machines from our German partner, Werk II, which produces the well-known Fillboy backfill filler and the equally well-known 6-head Fillmaster R18. Werk II has even assembled their flexible and efficient bottling equipment in what must be the world’s smallest fully automatic bottling column, which of course sounds like the good German name, Otto.

Our steam generators come from Italian Magnabosco, which produces both steam generators for gas, natural gas, oil and electricity. We have delivered some pieces of the Northern Italian steam generators – and both the customers and we are very satisfied with the quality.

More will come.

Right now, we are working on establishing a collaboration with a Chinese precision measuring equipment supplier and a Danish supplier of filter solutions. In collaboration with one of our customers, a Danish manufacturer has developed a cabinet pasteur, which we also plan to have in the store. We have long been looking for a cabinet paste for smaller microbreweries and we are pleased to have found it in Denmark.

Should anything be missing in our store, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We have set ourselves the goal of being the micro-breweries’ total supplier with quality and service as our brand.

We are building a Street Brewery in collaboration with Nørrebro Bryghus

In November, Nørrebro Bryghus came to us with an exciting task: Can you design a complete 500 liter 3-vessel brewery in two insulated containers for the Street Food Market on Refshaleøen in Copenhagen? Since then we have designed, discussed, developed and produced the brewery in close cooperation between Nørrebro Bryghus and our supplier, Zybrew.

There is not much space in two containers for storage, malting mill, brewery and fermenter – each one centimeter must be used to the best possible extent.

Right now, the crafters are laying floors in the containers on Refshale Island, and the components of the brewery are on their way across the world seas to Denmark. Over the summer the equipment is coming, and we will see if it all fits the drawings. And whether it can really be possible to build an effective pub brewery in very sparse space in two containers.

Unfortunately, the task is delayed due to coronavirus, but Nørrebro and Bryggeriudstyr ApS are betting that the beer will flow as it should before the season is over at this summer’s Street Food market.

Microbreweries on offer

Everything we supply from Bryggeriudstyr ApS is brand new brewery equipment – often tailored directly to the individual customer. But we also have in stock offers – at a good price and fast delivery. Check out our offer market on Outlet and Second Hand on the website. Some of the goods are in stock with our suppliers, with us or we sell it on behalf of other customers.

We also have complete 2000 and 2500 liter breweries in stock that are pre-produced for exhibitions around the world. But be aware that exhibition breweries are not cheaper. The details are chewy and it costs extra.

In return, we can deliver an exhibition brewery faster, the tanks are high-gloss polished and the breweries are designed to be delivered with advanced automation.