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#10 – Affordable brewery equipment / remote control of your brewery

Brewery equipment for 250.000 liters of beer per years for less than 3 million danish kroner


An old idiom says “It is expensive to be poor”. But this does not apply to our breweries – you really get value for the money when you invest in breweries from our supplier in China.

In the autumn we delivered a 2.000 litre complete brewhouse to Frederikshavn Bryghus, which has just started production. During the installation, a valuer from the leasing company that had helped Frederikshavn raise money for the brewery came to inspect their investment – and he was impressed.

“He simply walked around the hall and looked at tanks, pipes, machines, pumps and process electronics and said again and again: Can you really get all that for this such a small amount of money, tells the CEO at Frederikshavn Bryghus Lars Trie Christensen.

It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not.

At the moment we have a similarly slightly larger brewery of 2500 liters with three process-vessels on hand at our supplier in China. The brewery itself is almost finished and ready to be packaged in containers and shipped away.

Depending on the finished configuration as well as the number and size of fermenter and storage tanks, the brewery can produce 250,000 liters of beer or more per year. Enough to earn back the investment within a few years.

We have put a description of the brewery on our website. Follow the link or type item number 16025 in the search box. Note the list of links of the components from which the brewery can be built.

The Brew house with a mash-vessel, lauter tun and combined kettle/whirlpool cost less than 1.5 mill. danish kroner. The price is incl. roller mill with auger and grist hopper, hot water tank (HLT), steam generator, cooling for both brewing and fermentation, plate cooler, pumps, hoses, piping and electronic control (Siemens PLC)

Calculate with about cost of half a million for installation – and then add the fermentation and storage system with bright beer tanks, fermentation and storage tanks on top.

If you’re intrigued, please do not hesitate to contact us to get a chat, some advice and guidance, and perhaps also a specific and non-binding offer.


Black box provides fast service

We have partnered up with the Danish company Secomea. As a result of the partnership we’re now able to install a small black box on the control of all the breweries we set up in Denmark and Scandinavia. The box provides direct access to the brewery’s management via the Internet. We already have good experiences with remote service and handling minor issues of the new brewery at Frederikshavn Bryghus.
Through the box, we have both given our own technicians and the engineers of the supplier in China access to the system. This allows the Chinese supplier to quickly and easily correct a few minor flaws in the control program, adjust the thermometers and make sure, that everything is working as it’s supposed to.
It goes without saying that thousands of Danish kroners have been saved as well as many hours of driving and onsite service as was the case if we were to send a technician if there is a problem with the plant.

Through the box we can quickly get the customer the help that is required, fulfill our obligations regarding warranty and service, and the customer can be confident that the help will be on its way with only a few clicks.
In the future the black box will be included with all the breweries we provide. The Secomea box is of course encrypted and safe to use over the Internet. No others than the ones we give grant permission will be able to control the beer production.