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Brewery exported to Greenland – 800 litre 2-vessel system

We have provided a bit of advice for Immiaq brewhouse in Ilulissat, Greenland. The Greenlandic brewery ended up ordering an 800 litre 2-vessel brewing system with two 800 litre yeast tanks- specially made for Immiaq’s very narrow space conditions.

Among other things, the stairs up to the brewing tanks are made mobile and can be removed and put on depending according to the needs of the brewmaster. The pictures show the equipment before shipment from the factory in China.

Besides the challenges with fitting the brewery inside the narrow space of the premises, transport also has been a challenge as all goods to Greenland has to go through the Greenland Harbour in Aalborg. This cause that the tanks are sent from China to Denmark, where they are re-loaded in the containers before the tanks are shipped from Denmark to Greenland.

The brewery system is expected to arrive in Denmark in mid-February 2017, after which it will be sent to Greenland.