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Sale, Wannabeer and get the documentation in order before the authorities arrive, newsletter #25

Wannabeer? So come and join us

Conversation promotes understanding. This is an old advertisement for a telecommunications company that is long gone. But it’s still true – dialog is smart.

Therefore, we have opened a Facebook group for everyone who dreams of establishing a microbrewery – or has quietly started to realize the dream. Wannabeer is the name of course the group and everyone is welcome to follow along.

The brewing environment is characterized by a good collegial atmosphere, where everyone helps each other. Counterparts instead of competitors. In our opinion, homebrewers and small brewers’ guilds with growth dreams should very much like to be a part of this. We can help each other kick off the brewer’s dream by giving good advice and perhaps also conveying a bit of realism into the dreams. We don’t all have to make the same stupid mistakes in the beginning.

At we have written down some of our own experiences and good advice in a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), which you will find here.

If you disagree or want to add something, it takes place in the Wannabeer group.


Get your paperwork in order – before the authorities visit

As a supplier, it is our job to ensure that you as a customer have the right certificates and documents ready when the Danish Authorities pays you a visit.

On our website you will find declarations of conformity confirming that our equipment is intended for food use.

You can choose to download and print the PDFs that are relevant to you, so you have them ready when Fødevarestyrelsen (the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration) comes for a visit. You can also choose to pick them up when you need to show them off.

The declarations of conformity can be found here:

Approval of pressure vessels

Pressure vessels of 500 litres or more and designed for a working pressure of 2 bar or more must be certified according to the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED Directive). The requirement for certification according to the PED is quite simply that the working pressure multiplied with liters must be more than 1,000.

Most CCTs are tested to 3 bar and have a working pressure of 2 bar. BBTs typically have a working pressure of 3 bar. This means that all pressure tanks of 500 litres and above must be approved and installed in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive.

The Danish Working Environment Authority is responsible for checking that your CCTs and BBTs are approved and installed securely in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive. Like the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, the Danish Working Environment Authority visits unannounced.

In cooperation with our supplier, Zybrew, we issue pressure certificates for each tank with the exact serial number on it. We have created a private folder on our website for your brewery, where you will find all the necessary PED-certificates for your particular brewery. See further down in the newsletter about your folder on

Pressure tanks must be installed at your brewery so that operation, operation, maintenance and control can take place in a safe way. And the tanks can be cleaned, repaired and checked. This means, among other things, that there must be a minimum distance of 30cm to walls and other tanks.

It is your job to ensure that all your pressure vessels are set up correctly and your responsibility to have the installation approved by an independent company that is certified to approve the installation with pressure vessels.

Here is a list of Danish third-party bodies that can approve setups with pressure equipment.

Folder on

In your folder, we have written an inventory list of the equipment you have purchased from us. And placed all relevant certificates and manuals for your equipment. It’s all in pdf format and ready to download. If you have not yet received or found your folder, please contact us so we can get things in order. Well before the authorities knock on your door.

Login to your private folder here:


The most beautiful glossy steel on sale

We were not part of the Black Friday wave, but you should have a few really good offers here at the end of 2022. We give 10% on the three brand new 10HL tanks we have in stock. Then DKK59,900 becomes just DKK53,910.

It can ready for the first batch of beer in january. If you take all three, we are open to a negotiation – which works out in your favor.

Take a look inside our sale store. The offers are valid until 31.12.

Sale of the last Pegas remnants

We stop selling Pegas bottlers, so we have thoroughly reduced our remaining stock. We are giving almost 20% on the world’s best bottler for draft beer – fits right on the bar counter.

See our New Year’s sale here.