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Save energy – become wiser. Newsletter 24

Save energy

The rising prices of energy – both gas and electricity – are a major challenge for many microbreweries. Creative thinking is needed to save energy in beer production. That’s why we’ve put together a handful of good energy-saving tips for microbreweries:

  1. Get a hot water tank so you can use the heated cooling water from the plate heat exchanger for new brews (if you don’t already have one). A HLT (Hot Liquid Tank) typically has twice the volume of the batch size of the brewhouse itself.
    An electrically heated HLT costs DKK 38,000 for a 500 litre. 56,500 DKK for a 10HL, 76,900 DKK for a 20HL and 97,000 DKK for a HLT at 35HL. Try to calculate whether it is worth it or not.

  2. Replace your old gas-fired steam generator to en electric – gasprices are exploding more than electricity prices. If you can get gas at all in the future. An electric steam generator is also better for the climate with significantly less CO2 emissions. A small steam generator with a capacity of 40 kg of steam per hour (kg/h) costs DKK 111,000. A steam generator for 160 kg/h costs DKK 150,000.
    See our range of electric high quality steam generators from Italian Magnabosco here.  Please note: The challenge may be to obtain enough amperes for an electric steam generator. If you do not have enough power, your electrical installation must be upgraded. As a rule of thumb, the electricity company demands DKK 1,000 per extra ampere + installation.
    See an overview of the ampere requirements here.

  3. When you cook wort for beer production, a lot of hot steam is released, which usually seeps into the room or out to the sparrows via an exhaust duct and ventilation system. To no avail.
    With the expensive energy prices, it is easy to install a condenser on the brewery’s cooking boiler, which converts the hot steam into hot water. All new breweries we supply are of course equipped with condenser. But it is perfectly possible to retrofit a condenser to your existing brewery. Call or write and we will come and look at the possibilities.

We make Wannabees smarter

We are often in contact with homebrewers or other entrepreneurs who are thinking of starting a microbrewery. And we advise them all free of charge in all areas: Production requirements, financing, requirements for buildings, etc.

We have put this knowledge into a system and written a comprehensive FAQ where everyone can stop by and learn more about their brewing dream. Read on

100,000 litres of cocktails in just three months

We support more than beer production.

We have also developed and delivered Denmark’s (perhaps) largest cocktail mixer of 1,000 liters. It is seen on the right in the picture and is of course with motorized stirrer (even a well-trained bartender cannot turn the steel tank).

The three tanks on the left add carbon dioxide (CO2) to the drinks.

Excellent Wine in Herning received the plant at the end of April and have in just four months mixed more than 100,000 liters of cocktail delivered on kegs to bars at festivals, events, etc.


Lots of items in stock

Right now we have three 500 litre CCTs, three 10HL CCTs, a single 20HL CCT and a 25HL CCT in stock in Herning that could be installed at your brewery tomorrow. Ready for production.

 We also have distilleries of 100 and 200 liters in stock.

We also have pumps, label machines, hoses, fittings in raw quantities and much more good. Over in the corner, you will also find a CIP system and a 10HL glycol tank floating – take a look around the website yourself or give us a call if you are missing a big or small gizmo.