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Beer festival, steam generators on electricity and small bottling solution in a box

Newsletter #24

Meet us at the Beer Festival on Friday and Saturday (20-21 May) – Exhibition Stand C-13

If you visit the Danish Beer Enthusiasts ‘ Beer Festival at Lokomotivværkstedet in Copenhagen, stop by our stand, C-13,  and see hoprocket, X2 bottler, Y1 labeller and an example of our CCT’s – a mini version at only 100 liters.

Or just to have a chat about brewery equipment.

Gas is outdated – the future is electric

The war in Ukraine and the exploding gas prices have naturally shifted interest in gas-fired steam generators for breweries to similarly electric-fired steam generators. The climate challenge has given that movement a further push.

With the agency of one of Italy’s leading brands in steam generators, Magnabosco, we are fortunate to be able to offer a wide range of electric steam generators. Even with reasonable delivery times.

There are many advantages to electric steam generators: They make less noise and pollute, they require less service and they are quick and easy to repair because theu are simpler and not so mechanic. The disadvantage is that the electric steam generators require a thick and solid cable from the power plant – A lot of ampere is needed to pull electric steam generators.

A smaller generator of just 40kg of steam per hour requires 50 ampere. For example, if we get up to 100 kg of steam per hour, then the requirements for ampere increase to 118 ampere. 200kg of steam per hour requires 183 ampere and 300kg/hour swallows a whopping 227 ampere. Of course, we have both larger and smaller electric steam generators, where the larger ones typically run duplex with two smaller electric steam generators in pairs. This provides significantly greater flexibility and energy utilization when less steam is needed at a time.

If you do not have enough ampere for your buildings, additional power typically costs DKK 1,000 per ampere to get installed. Check, if the existing electric wires can handle the load. Ask the electrician and the power plant before seriously considering installing an electric-fired steam generator.

Generally spoken it takes about 10 kg of steam per hour to heat a hectolitre of beer. This means that a steam-fired 10HL brewery requires at least 100kg of steam per hour. If you use steam for other tasks such as keg washers, then additional capacity must be added to it.

Type item number 13500 in the search box on our website – or call us on +45 71747440.

Our bottling and label solution for smaller breweries is a huge success

For some time, we have been negotiating a very reliable and advanced semiautomatic bottler with two bottling heads for just over DKK 90,000. For that money you get a computer controlled (PLC) produced in Europe. A quick operator can bottle around 300 bottles per hour on our X2 bottler. We always aim to have at least one X2 bottler in stock for fast delivery.

Search item 50200 on to read more about the X2 tapper.

(PS: We hope and expect to get a new agency on smaller canners from a new and promising American manufacturer in the near future. Hopefully we can tell you more about this in the next newsletter).

As you may have read in newsletter no. 23 from December 2021, we have got a simple and efficient manual label machine in stock that both prints date and puts self-adhesive labels on both bottles and cans for only 12,000 kroner. And the labels, of course, is mounted precise on the bottles. It’s something that many retailers look for and appreciate when choosing hand-brewed craft beer for their store.

Of course, we have called the combine date printer and label machine for Y1. Search for 54010 on the website to read more – and watch a video of the machine in operation.

We can offer a total package with X2 and Y1 for just 98.000 kr.

Do you want to rent a bottling solution?

It is difficult for microbreweries to lend money in the bank. That is why we are looking for pilot customers for a new idea, where you rent from us.

We are simply looking for a few breweries that feel like renting X2 and Y1 for a monthly payment over a number of years. We don’t bother with the hassle of interest rates and advanced leasing arrangements. The idea is only to add insurance on top of the monthly rent, and then you can buy the equipment at a modest scrap value when the rental period is over.

The idea is that you can rent a solid semiautomatic bottling and label solution for DKK 2,900 a month over three years – and then the equipment can be acquired at a scrap value of DKK 10,000.

We are drowning in stainless steel – a great advantage for you

When we opened a webshop a few years ago as an experiment to sell fittings and spare parts for breweries, it was just intended as a supplement for project sale of brewery equipment. But the webstore is growing and expanding.

Last year we took the risc to rent half of a warehouse in Herning, and now we are spreading out over all 540 square meters in the warehouse, because our stock has expanded with pumps, hoses, distilleries, CIP carts, Hop-rocket and many other lovely things in stock. Not to mention fermenters (CCTs) in basic sizes of 100liter, 500liter, 10HL and 20HL (and a single 25HL is on the way).

In a short time, we have become the preferred supplier of small items for microbreweries in Denmark and Scandinavia – in addition to our core competence in project sales of entire breweries from 100liter to 60HL.

It is our strategy to provide items you don’t find in the webshop for the moment. At the same time, our Chinese supplier, Zybrew, has chosen to make us a service warehouse for all their customers in Europe. This means that the range of products is constantly expanding. For your benefit.

Take a look at and check out what we can deliver – and ask on 71 74 74 40 or for what you can’t find.