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Busy year, challenging installation, combo filler and new label machine – newsletter #23

Newsletter December 2021


Happy New Year – Busy 2021

We are sorry you haven’t heard from us in a while. We have been unreasonably busy this autumn installing new breweries, commissioning and at the same time taking care of our webshop with new orders and daily shipments of fittings. The bustle tells us that we have had a really good year in 2021 – not a word about Corona.

We have moved to our new warehouse and showroom in Herning. Together with our partner in China, we have started to develop special production facilities for mixing drinks, cooking foundation, fermenting food – and we are still developing at our breweries.

Two weary brewers from Flying Couch in front of their new brewery

Challenging installation at Flying Couch

After summer, we delivered a 2,000-litre brewery with three vessels and 4,000 litres of hot water tank to Flying Couch in Copenhagen, and we have to admit that it has been the most challenging task to date.

This means that for months we have been correcting errors and changing the system to make it work satisfactorily. But why tell such a difficult story in a newsletter where we’d rather brag about our work? The background is that our supplier and partner, Zyb Craft, had originally built the brewery for an exhibition in the USA last year. Due to Corona, the brewery ended up with us instead in Danmark. When Flying Couch bought the exhibition brewery, Zyb Craft had to produce the last piping, electrical control cabinet and software for the brewery that stood on the other side of the world at our warehouse in Silkeborg. It was difficult – and it didn’t go really well.

We tell this story because we want to emphasize how our partner, Zyb Craft, has supported us all the way. The Chinese engineers have been connected directly via the Internet to the brewery’s control system in Copenhagen – and have quickly corrected and adjusted the software. And they have quickly shipped new spare parts by air mail and supported physical changes in the brewery’s piping and configuration.

This massive support makes us comfortable delivering increasingly complicated breweries and other beverage production facilities.

Hybrid bottle/can filler at 1,200 BPH

Combined bottle and can fillers

Many of you have already discovered the benefit of filling cans instead of bottles. But it can be a challenge to take the big leap one day to the next to replace the glass with aluminum. We are therefore pleased to offer more options for combined can and bottle bottlers from European suppliers.

Among other things, it can be this hybrid filling machine– which can tap up to 1,200 cans or bottles per hour – and easily can be diverted from bottles to cans or vice versa.

In the basic configuration, it costs less than 135.000 euro.

Labeller Y2

A tiny smart labeller

Semi-automatic bottle-filler X2

Several small microbreweries have rightly become enthusiastic about our small, semi-automatic filler X2. We are therefore pleased to present our own label machine that fits in size and price for the same segment. We have, of course, called the label machine Y2. For just 6,000 euro, Y2 enables you to put adhesive labels accurately and easily on 200-300 bottles per hour.

Together, the X2 Filler and Y2 Labeler provide a fast and stable filling and labeling function for just about 13,500 euro – perfect for small one-man operated breweries.

All the small things you need

When you call or write us with a special request, we do all we can to help to get the brewery item you are missing – typically through our permanent partner in China, Zyb Craft. This means that new fittings and spare parts will be available on an ongoing basis in our webshop online and at the warehouse in Herning.

Of course, it takes time to get things home – or costs extra for air freight from the other side of the world. That’s why we’re continuously are expanding the variety of items in stock, so we can serve you better and faster. The idea is that all microbreweries can find exactly what you need in

We have pumps, hoses, valves, CIP systems, hop rocket and fermenters (CCTs) in 100, 500, 1,000 and 2,000 liters in stock – and much more.


We wish you all a happy New Year with lots of good beer. We’ll toast in your beer.

That’s what you can do: Brew good beer – we can just deliver the equipment.


Hopefully we will get in touch in 2022, Martin and Claus, Brewery Equipment ApS.