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Newsletter #4 – Expand capacity with combined yeast- and storage-tanks

The past year we, Bryggeriudstyr ApS, have sold a lot of combined yeast- and storage-tanks. All customers have been very impressed with the quality of the steel, welds and the finish of the products. And also, the tanks have been tailored to the match the customer’s premises and needs.

We provide the most offers on insulated cylinder tanks with conical bottom – the so-called called “Cylinder Conical Tank, CCT”.

Based on a standard, we adjust the tanks in cooperation with the supplier. For example, we have just ordered 2200-litre tanks for a customer of only 164 centimetres in height, so they could be squeezed into a low basement with two meters to the ceiling. On the other hand, the tanks became small and fat with 76 cm in width, so the customer needs to remove the windowsill to get them into the basement.

The tanks are configured with everything that is required to create a complete controlled fermentation- and warehousing-process. The tanks are made of AISI 304 stainless steel, have dual cooling jacket and rotating sprayball for cleaning. The tanks are all prepared for cooling.

We can deliver complete cooling-equipment together with the tanks, or you can choose a local fitter to install cooling to the tanks. Are you buying several tanks, we can provide piping for cooling along with the tanks for only a small amount of money. The control can be part of a complete brewery-setup based on Siemens-PLC or we can provide a simple control panel for the temperature. The last offer is available for a very small amount.

For example, one of our customers has installed three 400-litre tanks with a draught-beer-cooler and controls it with the simple control unit.

The tanks are available with a carbonation device (CO2 stone), if wanted.


  • Manhole in either side or top (optional).
  • Rotating Spraybal for efficient CIP.
  • Double jacket with insulation.
  • Safety relief valve (vacuum-0.15 bar/overpressure 2.2 bar).
  • Pipes for CIP with a spunding-valve for the management of fermentation pressure (0.2-2bar) and steam gauge and butterfly valves.
  • 4 “Clamp opening at the top with blank-off plate and clamp, for yeast-addition or dry hopping.
  • 2-zone cooling, so it is possible to cool the taper and cylinder separately.
  • Solenoid valves and taps for each cooling zone.
  • Bottom outlet with butterfly valve.
  • Beer-outlet in taper, with Racking arm/Lees stop and butterfly valve.
  • Temperature sensor pocket.
  • Sample tap.
  • Option for carbonation device unit (CO2 stone).
  • Everything is mounted in the tanks with Triclamp joints, which can be removed by CIP and thus ensures optimal cleaning.

Price examples

  • 500 liters approx. 40,000 kr.
  • 1000 liters approx. 50,000 kr.
  • 2,000 liters approx. 67,000 kr.
  • 3,000 liters approx. 91,000 kr.

Prices are only indicative for a piece, excl. VAT We give nice discounts when ordering more tanks in the same order.

The price is among others regulated by the dollar rate of exchange and freight rates. Call or write for a get a current offer.

Reference customers yeast and storage tanks

  • Mylius Erichsens brewery, Hvide Sande
  • Geddal Gårdbryggeri, Brewery, Geddal
  • Aarhus University, Engineering College
  • Immiaq Brewery, Ilulissat, Greenland
  • Halsnæs Bryghus, hundested
  • Lyngbeer, Lyngbyi