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Newsletter #3 – We help new microbreweries through challenges

A number of new and green micro-breweries cater to us for “short look” on the price of a small brewing system. We also get contacted from some that has been well underway for some years and now wants to “move forward.”

We help everyone as well as we can – not just by putting together the best brewing process and the right configuration that can grow over time. Sometimes we also give advice on looking for LAG-money or other funds, advise on the choice of premises, talk about the formation of business, the sale of public shares and recently we have also started talking about leasing of brewery equipment.

There are particularly two problems that aspiring microbrewers almost always render into. And some unfortunately strands on:

  • The premises are too small or unsuitable – perhaps the local plan prevent the dream for coming true.
  • Perhaps the bank will not join. Perhaps the business plan looks promising, but it is difficult to get initial capital.

In addition, there are many unforeseen small items: approval of food control, disposal of mash and possibly after fermentation, bottles, labels, date marking, collection, boxes, etc.

When it comes to premises, we can offer to design the equipment to fit the square meters and the ceiling height available. For example, move the manhole down on the side of the yeast-tanks instead of being on top. Or provide yeast and storage tanks with built-in heating/cooling to brew in unheated premises. But sometimes the customer has to take the consequences and move out of the garage to cope with the potential growth.