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New premises, large distilleries, compact brewery and troubling sea freight – newsletter #22

We have moved to Herning in new office and warehouse (showroom)

Now we’ve grown big enough to leave home. In October, Bryggeudstyr ApS will celebrate its first five years as a supplier to Danish microbreweries. All the years we have run the company from our home office in Holstebro and Engesvang. From the future, it will be from the address Virkelyst 40 in Herning, where we have an office and 564 square meters of stock, which will also serve as a showroom.

You can safely perceive the address, Virkelyst 40, as a statement of intent. Virkelyst is a Danish pun, meaning something like energy, enterprise and initiative. We are SO ready and able to serve you even better with everything from fittings, yeast and storage tanks and tailor-made design of your new or rebuilt brewery.

Within a few months, we expect to be stocked with 10HL, 20HL and 25HL fermenters (CCTs) for immediate delivery. Of course, we have pumps, valves and a growing range of other small and large fittings for your beer production.

As can be seen from the sign in the photo, we have at the same time intensified our cooperation with Zybrew, or Zyb Craft as they also call themselves. Over the years, our cooperation has grown closer and closer – for the benefit of both parties and especially for your customers.

Zyb Craft’s engineers can, with today’s notice, draw specially designed tanks, production facilities and breweries according to your specifications. Just as they continuously help us with advice. Together with Zyb Craft, we have designed facilities for the production of cold coffee, cocktail mixing, foundation cooking, distilleries, kombucha production, juice and juice production facilities – and many other special beverage production facilities. With Zyb Craft, we can do much more, into you think – and perhaps Bryggeriudstyr ApS (Brewing Equipment) should one day change its name. We can do much more than microbreweries.

You are always welcome to stop by Herning – just for a chat or a look at our equipment. During the autumn, we will really fill up the warehouse so that we can call it a showroom.

Both small and large distilleries

In the last newsletter we wrote about the first (small) distillery for the Branderiet in Brande. Now we have also got larger industrial distilleries of 300, 500 and 1,000 liters in the range – developed in collaboration with Zyb Craft.

Why not expand beer production with your own schnapps, whiskey or gin?

Look at the selection on our website.

Ultra-compact brewery according to our own design

In collaboration with Zyb Craft (of course) we have developed a compact 2-vessel brewery that can be of just 9.5 square meters for a 600 liter and 13 square meters for 1,000 liters.

The brewery is constructed according to a modified German principle with combined mashed vessels and kettle as the first vessel. The second tub is a “tower” with the sieve at the top and whirlpool located underneath.

The trick is that you can use the whirlpool as a buffer tank and store sparge water in it. This saves both time and space on the floor. You dont need a separate hot water tank (HLT). After brewing, you are left with some lukewarm water, and in principle it can be used for brewing on the day after by running it back into the boiler.

The compact brewery is complete with control (PID control with buttons) and costs just DKK 260,000 in the 6HL-liter version and 400,000 kroner in the 10HL version.

Covid-19 creates chaos on sea freight

In the past year or so, the prices of getting a container home from Asia have doubled almost five times. Before corona, we were able to get a 40-foot container home for DKK 22,000 – today it costs over DKK 100,000. At the same time, delivery has become erratic and takes longer.

During the Covid19 pandemic, shipping companies have cut back on the number of containers and ships. This has caused problems in obtaining containers and space on ships now that the world is returning to normal.

Therefore, we have been forced to raise the prices of all the big items like fermenters, breweries, etc. because they take up a lot of space in the containers. So far, freight prices appear to have stabilised at the same high level for some time yet. We adjust our prices on an ongoing basis.

Italian bottling machines – and canning machines

In recent months, we have spent researching Italian (and a single French) suppliers of bottle bottling machines – and in particular of combined bottling machines for both bottles and cans. We have no doubt that the cans are gaining ground more and more, and the switch from bottles to cans requires care and planning.

We can already deliver good Italian bottling lines with our usual advice, service and warranty – and we plan to go on a tour of northern Italy in the coming autumn, so can become even more sharp on the selection and possibilities.

We have also found a really skilled supplier of small canning machines from China in a good quality. We look forward to continuing to develop and deliver canned bottlers to our customers.