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New can fillers, first distillery in Denmark – and stock sale (newsletter #21)

Cans are the new “black.” The cans are light, cheap, take up less space, are great for protecting the beer – and so they are becoming trendy. We are quite sure that the bad reputation of the cans is coming to an end. Cans were once lousy lagers we dragged across the border from Germany at the time we did not know better. Today they are becoming the preferred container for craft beers.

Cans are light, cheap, sustainable and fantastic packaging that protects the beer better than glass bottles. Cans are hip. We are convinced that in the future there will be good craft brewed, quality beer in cans. Dansk Retursystem estimates that it is no cost to recycle the cans into new aluminum cans. In comparison, it costs 40 øre to return used disposable bottles and reuse the glass.

That is why we at Bryggeriudstyr ApS have been searching for a proper can tap that can spit many cans out at a time – and is affordable.

See what we have found here:

A simple canning system with a tapping head that taps 500 cans per hour – and a 4-head linear can line that taps almost 2000 cans per hour.

We have called the little guy with one filling head Canit11 and the big one with four filling heads for Canit44. We are excited to deliver the first can fillers and we are ready to give a good discount for the first customer.

Branderiet (the distillery) has bought their first professional distillation plant – and is thrilled

Several have asked about distillation plants, that is why we have imported the first distillery plant to a customer in Brande (the name Branderiet is a pun in Danish, Distillery is called a Brænderi in danish).

The distillation plant is 100 liters with five distillation phases (stills), and René Larsen from Branderiet is just thrilled:

– The quality is surprisingly good. The wall thickness is much thicker than the hobby-plant I already had. And then there is a lot more copper in both the column and the pot still than I expected from a plant from China, he says.

Branderiet has bought a gin basket and a whiskey head for the distillation plant, and so far René Larsen has run his first gin twice through the plant.

– Already after the first run I got 55% alcohol out of it. In the old days I could only reach 42%. With this plant, it is possible to concentrate on the heart in its distillation process. It is easy to get the finest and purest product out of the distillation, says René Larsen.

A good run takes four to six hours.

– It’s easy to adjust how fast you want it. I’m pretty excited and I’m looking forward to making whiskey over the summer, he says.

Stock sales in China and Denmark

During May, Bryggeriudstyr ApS will move to a new address in Herning, where we will set up an office, warehouse, workshop and showroom for our growing range of brewery equipment. That is why we would like to clean up our warehouse in Them near Silkeborg, so we sell out at good moving prices.

Find our stock offer here: