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#19 newsletter, december 2020. CIP, expanding stock and bottling equipment on hand

In this last newsletter of the year, you can read about thorough cleaning (CIP), different tapping solutions and breweries in stock for fast delivery.

The most challenging and fun project was to establish a 500 liter brewhouse in two containers on behalf of Nørrebro Bryghus in the Street Food Market, Reffen, in Copenhagen.

2020 was in many ways a strange year for our customers and for us in the microbrewery industry. During the Covid-19 pandemic a number of microbreweries like the rest of society have experienced things going on standby – others have experienced a huge boom and have not been able to keep up with the demand for local, craft-brewed beer.

It is especially breweries on the islands and in the tourist areas that have had difficulty keeping up with the demand. The breweries that primarily make a living from supplying to restaurants, bars and taprooms have virtually come to a standstill.

A number of microbreweries have tried take-away solutions such as beer subscriptions, bottled draft beer or growlers to move sales from business to private customers. In this context, we have noticed an increasing demand for our Pegas solution, which provides draft beer in bottles and growlers with a shelf life of several months.

Pegas has by the way developed a better, cheaper, flexible and more advanced solution that, according to the plans, offers the opportunity to offer an almost infinitely large range of craft-brewed draft beer out-of-the-house. We look forward to telling you more about Smarttap 2.0 in Q1 of 2021.

A number of breweries have used the quiet periods during the corona pandemic to review their production to optimize the proces and make plans for expansions of production equipment. We are happy to come by with good suggestions for improvements and help draw the lines for your version of the brewery of the future. We are here to help.

CIP is central to good beer

An old rule of thumb says that a brewer spends 80 percent of his working time cleaning the brewing equipment. The background is that thorough cleaning is absolutely essential for brewing good beer.

You can always CIP by manually pumping water, lye, acid and other disinfectant fluids around the system. The downside is that it is difficult to CIP properly with hot water and you can’t reuse the expensive and environmentally harmful cleaning agents. In a CIP system, it is easy to neutralize the used cleaning agents to the correct PH value before they are poured into the drain.

That is why we always recommend a real CIP system with built-in tanks for the cleaning liquids – and the opportunity to heat them up and circulate them around the brewery’s installations without coming into physical contact with the liquids.

We offer mobile CIP systems with both two and three tanks in standard sizes of 50 and 100 liters. We can of course design larger or smaller plants according to your wishes and needs.

If it is true that a brewer spends 80 percent of his working time cleaning, then automating the cleaning really pays off in a busy day.

PS: We have a new and unused 3-tank CIP system of 50 liters in stock for fast delivery (picture).

In 2020, the range in our warehouse became larger and larger

Since we opened the webshop on in 2019, we have continuously taken more and more item numbers home in stock, so we can quickly help you with what you are just missing in the brewing process.

In addition to all the little things, we also have a lot of bigger things like 500 liter CCTs, open fermenters, a larger refrigeration system with associated glycol tank and even a 3-tank 20 HL brewery in stock for fast delivery.

We have been allowed to put the big things in the warehouse of our good colleague and partner, Brewolution in Silkeborg.

Click here to take a look at the goods in stock. 

And you are always welcome in our fitting shop. 


Bottling in all sizes

We have experienced great interest in our new handle pins, X2, so we have unfortunately sold out in our warehouse with the popular machine. The supplier, in turn, has promised to be fast with new machines – the delivery time is only a few weeks.

On the other hand, we now have two pieces of our small, classic fully automatic 3-in-1 bottling line that rinses, taps and capsules at about 500 bottles per hour. One is second hand and still in production at Thurø Bryghus until February, when we deliver a brand new bottler to the brewery at Svendborg.

Thurø’s bottling block is built for 33 cl longneck bottles, but we can offer to rebuild the machine to exactly your bottle size – at a really good price.

We also have a finished 3-in-1 bottling block at the factory floor at the manufacturer in China, which we have been allowed to resell in a quick trade. The bottler has eight rinsing heads, six tapping heads and one capsule head (8-6-1) and are built for plastic bottles with screw caps, but since it is still at the factory, we can quickly get it configured for your particular bottle size.

Thank you for a good collaboration in 2020 – we will continue our efforts in 2021 to become your closest partner when it comes to equipment for beer brewing and production of other beverages.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Martin Schau and Claus Thorhauge, Bryggeriudstyr ApS.