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#17 Newsletter, august 2020. New craft bottler, chamber pasteur, cooling system and much more

Special offer on used bottling machine for 33 cl longneck bottles

Attentive readers of this newsletter might remember that we last summer received a damaged bottling machine. The machine was overturned during transport and is partially damaged. But it has been running quite will in weekly operation at Thurø Bryghus.

The insurance company has now allowed us to resell the machine. We can therefore offer an almost new, compact and automatic bottling machine with six rinsing heads, six bottling heads and a capsule head with a capacity of just over 600 33 cl bottles per hour for just 150.000 kroner.

Interested parties are welcome to inspect the machine at Thurø Bryghus near Svendborg – and see the tap in operation. Contact us to make an appointment.

The bottling machine is built for 33 cl longneck bottles and due to the damage it cannot be converted to other bottle types. The bottler is freely delivered to breweries in Denmark,. The terms are purchased as intended.

See pictures and specifications of the bottling machine here,

Note that pictures and specifications on the website show the new and improved model with 8 rinsing heads. The impact offer has only 6 rinsing heads.

New manual bottler for 350 bottles per hour

We have for at long time been searching for a compact manual counterpressure bottler for smaller microbreweries – now we’ve found it!

We were going to Eastern Europe, where a skilled and experienced engineer specializing in bottling equipment has designed a simple bottling machine with two bottling heads, two capsule heads and a PLC with touch panel to control all the glory. We simply call it Bottle Filler X2, which is really well thought out with many simple and smart details.

We have bought one of the first machines at home and tested it in collaboration with Borgs Bryghus near Herning. Both Erik Borg and we are impressive over the machine. At a beer temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, we tapped four bottles per minute – that gives 240 bottles per hour. That number will be significantly higher if the beer is colder.

The best thing is almost that we can deliver the new manual bottler at a competitive price of just 82,400 kroner. Delivery time is approximately six weeks (we have one in stock for immediate delivery). Erik Borg has promised to show the machine if you will like to see the bottler in work.

We have already Bottle Filler X2 in stock for immidiate delivery.

New Pegas Bottler – the old model is discontinued

In the last newsletter, we proudly told about our new agency as a dealer of Pegas bottlers for bars, restaurants and taprooms. Unfortunately, there is not much to be proud of.

The manufacturer has problems delivering the CrafTtab Smart, that we have ordered. Deliveries are very late. Meanwhile the Russian supplier has announced that CrafTab Smart will be removed and replaced by a new model that is much smarter and, among other things, can handle two types of beer at a time – reportedly at the same price.

We have chosen to remove Pegas CrafTab Smart from our range. We have still the manual solution, CrafTab 3.0, ready for order.

Of course, those customers who already have CraftTab Smart can still get spare parts and service.

Cooling system for fermenter park

We have a complete cooling system with a chiller at 44 kW in stock. The cooling system is incl. a 1.000 liter glycol tank. The system is intended for a tank capacity of approximately 15,000 liters. We can deliver the cooling facility very fast. We will of course be available for piping and installation.

We have (finally) found a chamber pasteurizer

Several have asked for a chamber pasteur, and we have long searched for a proper solution. Suddenly it came from a completely unexpected side. Our Danish colleagues, Flexmatic, have developed a really solid, functional and fully automatic chamber pasteur that takes a pallet with 36 boxes of bottles at a time.

It is Danish produced – and can even be built according to your own requirements.

Read more here:

The store is moving to the .com domain

Bryggeriudstyr ApS is undergoing rapid development both in Denmark, Scandinavia – and in fact also in the rest of Europe.

That is why we have decided to move our website from .dk to .com. From now on we are There will be no difference for users – both and work.

But then Google can also see that we are becoming a world company – at least in Europe.

Installation and commissioning of a full brewery in four weeks

The big smiles were forthcoming when, on 12 August, we were finally able to pass the first two batches through the new 500-liter brewery, Nørrebro Bryghus has established in two containers on Copenhagen’s Street Food market – colloquially called Reffen.

Covid-19 has delayed the project by several months, so it was a huge pleasure for both Nørrebro Bryghus and Bryggeriudstyr ApS, as the hops slipped into the mash tun accompanied by cheerful jazz tones and lots of curious visitors. We will thank Nørrebro Bryghus for a fantastic and collaborative effort to install and make the brewery up and running in only four weeks.