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#16 Newsletter may 2020 – Pegas, supplier portfolio and pubbrewery in containers

In this May newsletter we have a new exciting bottling system for draft beer, a project with a pub-brewery in two containers for the street food market in Copenhagen and a presentation of our suppliers and partners.

Tap the draft beer so it lasts for a month or two

Suddenly, in these dark corona times, a joyful surprise dumped into our inbox: A Norwegian/Russian company invited Bryggeriudstyr ApS to be dealer of their unique solutions for bottling craft beer on bottles or growlers.

Of course, backpressure filling with CO2 and full preservation of taste and quality. The solutions can switch between different kegs, each with their own beer type and a very small loss of the valuable beer – less than two percent is wasted.

The Pegas system is already in operation in the United States and many other major beer nations. But the system is quite unknown in Denmark. One of the only users is Erik Borg from Borgs Bryghus in Herning and he has only good experience with Pegas.

– I’ve had two Crafttab Smart for 14 months and they work great. It’s basically no beer loss, and I confidently promise that the beer can last for eight weeks or more, says Erik Borg.

He adds:

– For me, there are many benefits. One of the biggest is that I can start bottling and talk to the customer without being forced to keep an eye on the machine. It works just like a coffee machine and manages it all – it must be a huge advantage for bars, restaurants and taprooms, where staff have no skills and time to keep up with temperature, pressure and foam. You can ask everyone to operate it.

Many of Borg’s customers have purchased a growler, which they come in and get filled up at the microbrewery’s opening hours every Friday. Erik even uses Pegas Craftab Smart to bottle on regular bottles – he does not have another bottling facility.

– I can fill a half liter bottle in a minute. It works fine in my small brewery until I can afford to buy a bottling machine, says Erik Borg.

The Pegas system consists of a manual tapper called Craftap 3.0 and an automatic tapper Craftap Smart (the model from which Borgs Bryghus bought two pieces). In addition, a manual switch, CraftPad Light, is available for four or six kegs or beer tanks, respectively.

A simpler solution for mounting directly on the taps tap named Pegas Drive and Pegas Innovation is also available. The two solutions are intended for plastic bottles only (PET).

Read more about the Pegas system here.

Bryggeriudstyr ApS becomes a total supplier for microbreweries

We provide complete solutions for microbreweries and other beverage manufacturers. It is only possible through close and good cooperation with our suppliers – and they are becoming more and more.

Let’s start by introducing Chinese Zybrew with our talented partner James Jia at the forefront. Zybrew produces breweries and fermenters of all sizes in excellent quality and always with a good service. Together with Zybrew, we always solve the customer’s challenges – even when it becomes difficult. James is the reason why we established Bryggeriudstyr ApS back in 2014, when James offered us an agency at his breweries.

In collaboration with Zybrew, we also provide the German Proleit system for fully automatic control of larger microbreweries. A software solution that we have yet to install in Denmark. Most of the fittings we sell in our webshop come from Zybrew’s subcontractors in China. We have chosen that solution because we know that Zybrew guarantees the quality.

For several years, in cooperation with Chinese EQS, we have developed bottling lines for the European market. EQS (or Jinri as they are also called) produces bottling lines for bottles and cans, as well as associated equipment such as depalletizers, pasteurisers etc. EQS’s machines are of good quality, built on Western European pumps and engines. The machines are so superior quality that Bryggeriudstyr ApS takes responsibility and puts on the CE mark. We are guaranteeing that EQS’s bottling lines comply with EU rules and safety requirements.

When it comes to smaller semi-automatic bottling machines, we use machines from our German partner, Werk II, which produces the well-known Fillboy backfill filler and the equally well-known 6-head Fillmaster R18. Werk II has even assembled their flexible and efficient bottling equipment in what must be the world’s smallest fully automatic bottling column, which of course sounds like the good German name, Otto.

Our steam generators come from Italian Magnabosco, which produces both steam generators for gas, natural gas, oil and electricity. We have delivered some pieces of the Northern Italian steam generators – and both the customers and we are very satisfied with the quality.

More will come.

Right now, we are working on establishing a collaboration with a Chinese precision measuring equipment supplier and a Danish supplier of filter solutions. In collaboration with one of our customers, a Danish manufacturer has developed a cabinet pasteur, which we also plan to have in the store. We have long been looking for a cabinet paste for smaller microbreweries and we are pleased to have found it in Denmark.

Should anything be missing in our store, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We have set ourselves the goal of being the micro-breweries’ total supplier with quality and service as our brand.

We are building a Street Brewery in collaboration with Nørrebro Bryghus

In November, Nørrebro Bryghus came to us with an exciting task: Can you design a complete 500 liter 3-vessel brewery in two insulated containers for the Street Food Market on Refshaleøen in Copenhagen? Since then we have designed, discussed, developed and produced the brewery in close cooperation between Nørrebro Bryghus and our supplier, Zybrew.

There is not much space in two containers for storage, malting mill, brewery and fermenter – each one centimeter must be used to the best possible extent.

Right now, the crafters are laying floors in the containers on Refshale Island, and the components of the brewery are on their way across the world seas to Denmark. Over the summer the equipment is coming, and we will see if it all fits the drawings. And whether it can really be possible to build an effective pub brewery in very sparse space in two containers.

Unfortunately, the task is delayed due to coronavirus, but Nørrebro and Bryggeriudstyr ApS are betting that the beer will flow as it should before the season is over at this summer’s Street Food market.

Microbreweries on offer

Everything we supply from Bryggeriudstyr ApS is brand new brewery equipment – often tailored directly to the individual customer. But we also have in stock offers – at a good price and fast delivery. Check out our offer market on Outlet and Second Hand on the website. Some of the goods are in stock with our suppliers, with us or we sell it on behalf of other customers.

We also have complete 2000 and 2500 liter breweries in stock that are pre-produced for exhibitions around the world. But be aware that exhibition breweries are not cheaper. The details are chewy and it costs extra.

In return, we can deliver an exhibition brewery faster, the tanks are high-gloss polished and the breweries are designed to be delivered with advanced automation.