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#15 – Newsletter, April 2020 – Hop rocket, corona-office, fittings and 20HL brewery

Turbocharge the hops with a hop rocket

With this hop rocket, efficient dry hopling becomes a breeze – especially if you need to dry hop larger quantities.

Dry hop is a cold process where you pull the aroma out of the hops (or hop pills) without getting the bitters. Unlike conventional methods, the hop rocket ensures that the process is stable and consistent every time, because you get full control of the process.

An internal filter of 500 micron (0.5 mm) filters coarse particles from the beer. Three input valves stream the beer into three heights and you can monitor the process in three viewing glasses at the same height as the entrance valves.

In addition to the three input valves and the bottom valve for the beer, the hop rocket is equipped with a security valve, an additional input valve for CO2 and a spray ball for CIP. There’s a manhole at the top.

Dry hop rocket hopping takes place continuously, while the beer is pumped from one tank to another (fermentation) tank. As the process does not take place in the fermentation tank itself, you avoid the big job cleaning the fermentation tank.

We have chosen to get the rocket in stock in Denmark in a 100 liter version for just 42,900 kroner excl. Vat. We can also obtain a smaller 50 liter version – and design larger models if needed.

Check out the rocket on the drawing here (pdf)

Bryggeriudstyr ApS in a Corona Time

Many customers naturally ask us if we are open in these corona times. The answer is broadly yes:

Brewery equipment does not have an office (yet) and we usually both work from home on phone and computer. So there is nothing new or different for us – we are used to working from home. Unfortunately, we cann not visit you in your brewery during this time, but much can be done with pictures, video and telephone.

Did you by the way know that we installed our first brewery in Ilulissat in Greenland without having visited Greenland at all? We solved all the challenges with the installation  remotely, the brewery runs and Brewery Immiaq is still our customer. In the past month, we have solved several tasks for foreign customers – still from our desks in Holstebro and Engesvang.

Our suppliers are from China, Italy and Germany:

Our main supplier of breweries and tanks, Zybrew, has been shut down for more than a month in January and February, but is now up to full speed again.

Our supplier of bottling machines, EQS near Shanghai, has also been closed, but is also up to speed.

Our supplier of steam generators, Italian Magnabosco, is closed indefinitely. We can design new plants, but the delivery time is unknown.

Our German supplier of hand bottlers, Werk II, is 100 percent running, but there is little delay in deliveries because it takes longer to get hold of components.

So we are up and running while we see that many of you microbreweries are struggling to sell your beer. We hope for the best, and of course we are available if you choose to use the corona time to reassess your production and brewing facilities and think about improvements.

Brewing fittings for every need

Last summer we opened our webshop with bits and parts for brewery equipment, and we were actually surprised at the need for both small and large parts for brewery equipment. In fact, we also had a 1,000 liter 3-kar brewery standing in the warehouse, but it’s now sold.

In addition to a permanent warehouse in Denmark with 500, 1,000 and 2,000 liter yeast and storage tanks, we will also in the future have propagation tanks for yeast (yeast brink), hoprocket of 100 liters and mobile pump in stock. And then of course valves, gaskets and other small parts for breweries.

Check out and check out what we have on the shelves. We continuously expand our webshop, so call or write if you are missing something that you cannot find on the website.

20Hl brewery with 3 vessels and hot-water system

Our supplier, Zybrew, has a finished 3-vessel brewing plant in stock – it is on its way to Europe. The plant is 2,000 liters (20 HL) and consists of mash tun, lauter tun and combined kettle and whirlpool as well as a 4,000 liter (40 HL) hot-water system.

This means that it is possible to achieve high brewing volume by brewing several brews “one after another” – even during the same working day.

The brewery was produced for a brewery exhibition in the United States that was canceled due to the corona pandemic. The plant is therefore on its way to Europe instead. Let me know if that’s for you?

Description and specifications can be found on the website.