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#14 – Check out for yourself our quality in Silkeborg and professional brewery control

Check out the quality – come and have a look at our brewery in Silkeborg
If you are interested in seeing what we can deliver, check out our warehouse at our good colleagues Brewolution in Them south of Silkeborg. We have borrowed a corner of the warehouse and set up a brand new 1,000 liter 3-vessel brewery, which you are very welcome to check out.
The plant consists of mesh pots, cicadas, hot tubs with whirlpool function, buffer tank, filters and heat exchanger. The brewery is prepared for heating with steam. All valves are pneumatic, so the brewery is prepared for fully automatic control of all functions.
We can also offer full automatic with German Brewmaxx software – read more below in the newsletter here. If you are interested in buying the brewery, we will of course give you a good price – and together with you design a steam generator, hot-water system, electronic control, cooling and related yeast and storage tanks.
Call or write to make an appointment and a talk about brewery equipment.

Professional management of your brewery
The breweries we have set up in Frederikshavn and Rønne on Bornholm are both controlled from a central touch screen equipped with semi-automatic software from our supplier, Zybrew. The control is based on a Siemens S7-1200 PLC, which by means of pneumatic valves controls all functions of the brewery from the malt grinder, transport and dosing of malt and water in the mixer, mashing, si function, addition of herb, whirlpool, cooling in heat exchanger , transport to yeast and storage tanks (fermenters) and of course temperature and pressure during fermentation and storage in the fermenters.
The brewing process can run fully automatic or it can be controlled fully or partially manually via the touch screen.
The system can be connected via the internet at will, so that Brewery equipment, Zybrew’s engineers or third parties can monitor, troubleshoot or change the programming.
Of course, there have been run-in problems with a valve or flowmeter teasing. But the feedback we have received from Frederikshavn and Rønne all sounds good experiences with Zybrew’s management in daily use.
If you want a fully automatic brewing factory that stably brews beer directly from recipe to bottle, we through our partner, Zybrew, have entered into a collaboration with German Proleit, which is behind the well-known and recognized brewing machine Brewmaxx.
Brewmaxx is a well-proven and recognized system for managing food processes such as dairies, slaughterhouses and of course also breweries. The system is user-friendly, fully automated and of course offers full traceability throughout the value chain. Through our business partner we can offer German automatic control at Chinese prices.

We have what you are just missing
In addition to a 1,000 liter brewery, 2,000, 1,000 and 500 liter yeast and storage tanks (CCT fermenters), we also have a reasonable range of valves, couplings, hoses, gaskets and other small necessities in stock for your brewery plant.
Have a look at and browse our webshop – or give us a call on 71 74 74 40. We are always ready to give good advice and guidance on brewery equipment.
We are your Danish supplier of brewery equipment with stock in Denmark – we ship from day to day.