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#13 – Beaten up bottler, brewery at Braubeviale and Company Phone

Check out our brewery in Nuremberg
Together with our supplier, we set up a complete brewery plant at the Braubeviale fair in Nuremberg from 12. to 14. November. We are so eager to show you the brewery that we will refund your entrance ticket to Braubeviale if you pass by and visit our booth. It is number 141 in hall 9 (9-141).

The brewery is a complete 3-vessel 1.000 liter brewery plant with fully automatic steering, all made of high quality stainless steel.

And no, it’s not expensive.
So, do not miss out if you are at Europe’s largest brewing fair.

Read more about Braubeviale:
Read more about the brewery:
And see more pictures of the cases at this link:

If you like to buy the brewery when the fair closes in Nuremberg, then hurry to give us a call on phone 71 74 74 40. After all, there is no reason to sail the plant all the way back to China if it can be of use in your company.

Steam Generators in Italian Top Quality
We are so lucky that we got agency for Scandinavia on some really good steam generators from the Italian company Magnabosco. The first steam generator of 200 kg / hour is already on the way to a customer in Denmark.

Want to know about our steam generators:

Or pass by Hall 7 – Stand 828 at Braubeviale and visit Magnabosco.

We have got company phone – +45 71 74 74 40
It has become even easier to get hold of Bryggeriudstyr ApS. We have got a common company phone on tel. +45 71 74 74 40. There you can always contact one of us – or leave a message if we are both busy.

We still each have our own phone numbers if you know who you want to reach.
Martin +45 20 45 13 26
Claus +45 20 20 35 15

Unfortunately, our first bottler was beaten up in Hamburg
After almost two years of preparation and with two visits to the supplier in Shanghai, we finally got the first bottling line to Denmark.

Unfortunately, it turned out that a truck had been driven into the machine during unloading in Hamburg. The frame was damaged, a couple of doors were broken and some of the interior mechanics was beaten up as well.

We have nevertheless lined up the machine, repaired the damage and put it into stable operation at Thurø Bryghus. The first bottles are run through the machine – and it runs weekly.

We are of course in the process of procuring a new machine for Thurø Bryghus, and we have taken the opportunity to propose a handful of new improvements to the next machine. They are being introduced into the production drawings.

Unfortunately, we have to disappoint the many customers waiting eagerly to see our first bottling line in operation – so they can order one too. We can probably have a showroom with a bottling machine in Denmark in the beginning of 2020, not before.

If you are interested in a second hand bottling machine with minor damages, please give us a call and we will find a good price. It runs steady, but it can only bottle 500 ml longneck bottles.

The truck in Hamburg made it impossible to switch the machine to other bottle types.

Great interest in our webshop and warehouse in Denmark
Many have shown interest in our webshop with fittings and the fermenters we have in stock in Denmark. We stock the most used microbrewery fittings, and we have 500, 1.000 and 2.000 liters of fermenters (CCT) ready for day to day delivery.

Visit the store here: or call us +45 71 74 74 40.